November 22nd, 2012 / 9:41 pm
Craft Notes


The moon is bright in this part of Massachusetts.

There is pie downstairs but nobody is eating it.

I was very drunk at one point. Now I don’t know.

People kept talking about money.

I can’t tell how much conversation about things I incited or what I might have said.

People kept talking about politics.

Everything seems fat and watery. I was in my dad’s shed in the backyard.

The Lions really fucked up, but it will have an asterisk if you think about it.

There’s always more to drink in the garage.

I walked to the high school and kicked four field goals. Some coaches came out of the locker room and looked at me. I looked at them and missed badly.

In the bed in my childhood room this morning I read the “Nausicaa” chapter.

I can’t tell if anyone fell asleep or got sick.

I downloaded five CDs of guitar music.

This isn’t what I planned to do while I was sitting on the toilet a few minutes ago.

Some people were walking around the track then drove home.

The pavement looks white from over here.

I remember I thought this morning I smelled.

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