June 5th, 2014 / 12:00 pm

POEM-A-DAY from THE ACADEMY OF AMERICAN LUNATICS (#19- featuring Nathan Curtis Warner)..

poem a day nathan curtis
poem a day nathan curtis
poem a day nathan curtis

poem a day nathan curtis

With “Leo’s Playtime Invocation” I set out to capture the mounting tension I seepoem a day nathan curtis about in Leo every time I squeak his ball. His movement and barks grow more urgent with every squeak and every playtime seems to set us into a trance of tease, throw, capture, and retrieve. Moondog’s composition entitled “Invocation” lends itself to creating a compound mimicry of a rising ‘Shepard’s Tone‘ with video clips whose motion and content form a sort of visual poetic line or set of refrains. My voice and poem adds my own temporary psychosis. As I talk to Leo, I notice he pays me no heed. I’m but a needle and plunger to his heroin.
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Nathan Curtis Warner is an unpublished writer curating the performance series LYE:SITUATIONS and the reading series LYE:WORDS in Portland, OR.

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