May 3rd, 2012 / 12:43 am
I Like __ A Lot

The Weaklings Library

An impressive compilation of Books Dennis Cooper Loved appears at The Weaklings Library.


  1. postitbreakup

      hey thanks for linking, brooks!

      so far i believe i have every book from his “3/4 books i read recently and loved” posts, but if i missed any, or if your book was featured on DC’s in a separate post on its own, then i’d be happy to add a link to it, just email me

  2. Anonymous

      This list is so amazing, and pretty much quadruples my already bulging reading list–thanks for putting it together!

  3. Anonymous

      This list is so amazing, and pretty much quadruples my reading list…  Thanks so much for putting it together!

  4. deadgod

      I don’t know; I’ve never weakled before.

  5. postitbreakup

      haha, yeah i guess the name sounds kinda funny out of context, i was thinking in terms of DC’s blog where the commenters are kinda referred to as weaklings from his poetry book/blog URL or “distinguished locals” (now that i think of it, maybe i should change it to that?) 

  6. postitbreakup

      fuck yeah man & you get VIP access, you’re dankland from dankland writing about dankland

  7. deadgod

      Other than occasional looks-in to the blog, I’ve only read God Jr. (of Cooper’s writing).  Very funny – Portis/McCarthy/Pesetsky funny.

      (By the way, it’s an old – century old? – joke:  –Do you like Kipling?  –etc.)

  8. postitbreakup

      if you liked the humorous part you should read ugly man; but i feel like you’d get a lot out of marbled swarm since you read difficult things all the time 

      just now got the joke, went “oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

  9. Brooks Sterritt

      I only just now got the joke too. How about: “Do you like Kipling?” “Sure, I’ll eat anything.”