October 26th, 2011 / 2:00 pm
Literary Magazine Club

Literary Magazine Club: Beecher’s Edition (11/1/11)

The next installment of Literary Magazine Club begins on November 1 when we will be reading and discussing the debut issue of Beecher’s, the graduate student run literary magazine from the University of Kansas.

Beecher’s is selling the issue at a 40% discount for HTMLGIANT readers. Take them up on that bargain–$6.50 for a great literary magazine which is beautifully designed and produced–you can’t pass that up. To take advantage of this discount, go to http://www.beechersmag.com/2011/10/htmlgiant-book-club/. Enter the password HTMLGIANT.  This will take them to a secure Paypal portal on the Beecher’s website for you to complete your order.

Future club selections:
January 2012: Versal
March 2012: Salt Hill
May 2012: Trnsfr
July 2012: Uncanny Valley
September 2012: J Journal: New Writing on Justice

Stay tuned for special offers and giveaways for these magazines.

If you’re interested in writing a guest post or some other feature related to Beecher’s, get in touch by e-mailing me at roxane at htmlgiant.com. Topics you might consider discussing include the design, content, overall aesthetic, whether the magazine met your expectations, if the debut is promising, what the magazine contributes to the literary scene, etc. You might also do an in-depth analysis of one writer’s work, etc. There are no limits.

There’s also a Google Group with light posting about literary magazines and club announcements. If you want to join the group or want more information about the LMC, if you’re an editor who wants your magazine featured, etc, send me an e-mail. To summarize: however you want to participate please get in touch or watch this space in November when hopefully, we’ll have a great discussion about an interesting new literary magazine.

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  1. Kent Johnson

      (Another magazine worth checking out):

      New issue of Sous les Paves newsletter:

      — a special double issue — with work by Jay James May, Amiri Baraka, Mairead Byrne, Joe Luna, Linh Dinh, Keneth Reveiz, Min Jung Oh, Dan Hoy, j/j hastain, Teresa K. Miller, Rob Halpern, Thomas Meyer, Debrah Morkun, Posie Rider, Croatoan, Sean Bonney, Susan Howe, Farid Matuk, Jared Schickling, Brenda Iijima, Hoa Nguyen, Craig Santos Perez, Kent Johnson, Edgar Garcia, Dale Smith, Warren Craghead, nick-e melville, Patrick James Dunagan, Aimee Herman, Jessica Smith, Gene Tanta, Austin Smith, Robert Archambeau, and Immerito. To get on the mailing list for FREE copy, write the editor, Micah Robbins: micahjrobbins@gmail.com