April 3rd, 2012 / 12:13 am

David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time (nsfwbidkwuw)

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  1. Jennifer L. Knox

      Is this from his new Nickelodeon show?

  2. alan

      The worst thing to do with music is to show the lyrics being acted out.

  3. Ben Roylance

      Really? I think it totally works for this song. 

  4. deadgod

      not safe for work but I don’t know where ukeleles wander?

  5. Brooks Sterritt

      Are You Afraid of the Wild & Crazy Kids?

  6. Brooks Sterritt

      …who unsods what

  7. lorian long

      so tired of tits

  8. Brooks Sterritt

      so tired of art

  9. deadgod

      I don’t mean to be strategically obtuse, but why do people think Lynch is artful?

      This video, for example.  It’s trippy, with the football player and burning mohawk and pretty girl (??) with the scribbling on her chest and all.

      Is an accumulation of ‘trippy’ it?

  10. lorian long

      so tired of tarts

  11. Ponsford McQuain

      I like / love his movies and the music is fine but this video is terrible.  

      It’s like he dubbed over a Soundgarden video from 1996.

  12. Brooks Sterritt

      this (music) video is not the best example of Lynch’s art. have you seen his films?

  13. Brooks Sterritt

      so tired of Lynch’s asexual dick, which we can only assume is “in there somewhere” but might actually be a second face.

  14. lorian long

      it’s hiding in the dumpster behind winkies ;-)

  15. deadgod

      I enjoyed, for example, the way the two stories in Mulholland Drive tunneled into each other, and I thought, of that aspect of that movie, that leaving the, what, peculiarity of it ‘open’ was effective, because exegesis would’ve marred the story of the stories, as it were.

      But I feel that – or at least wonder if – he’s being weird for the sake of it, that he tries to be ‘weird’.  Blech.  —not that he fails to gratify a craving for neatness, but rather, that his effects are, for me, diffused by the very energy of their disposition.

      (Remember all the blah-blah in Stalker? that gets you – or me, anyway – not much purchase on or even intimacy with understanding “the Zone”?  That morose, chatting-with-the-kitchen-table explication was perfectly weird.)

  16. Brooks Sterritt

      Really enjoy the tunneling as well. I don’t get the feeling that Lynch ever tries for weirdness–the situations seem too naturally, unavoidably weird, if that makes sense. I also think the refusal to explain is crucial.


  17. Brooks Sterritt

      i feel ya ponsford

  18. Michael Lala

      not safe for work because i don’t know where u work, duh.

  19. Nicholas Rombes

      I think this video is a fantastic example of Lynch’s art. It’s like a trailer for the parts of Wild at Heart that never got made.

  20. Mike James

      Yeah. I watched a Lynch movie because my sister brought it home. I didn’t get it. And then felt (or rather attempted to be made to feel) stoopid because, not that I didn’t get it, but that I didn’t get it because I was engineered to like a particular type of movie. Whatever. I still don’t dig his shit. But, each, own, their.

  21. Mike James

      Granted, I was 13…

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  23. Frank Lloyd Wong
  24. Eduardo Quinones

      I like this song and I feel like this song likes me too.