April 1st, 2012 / 3:54 pm

Chiasmus Press is Looking For a Managing Editor

chiasmus press is slowly unfurling out of hiatus. we have a big idea about our reincarnation and they want you.


want to run a nationally recognized micro indie press. like head honcho big mamma jamma.

want to work with Lidia Yuknavitch.

want to reinvent online, print publication, and cross genre media projects.

big time digital savvy and skills, including web, blog and podcasting.

large experience with alternative press world–all facets.

impeccable literary and media counter culture taste.

crazy good organization skills.

a relentless desire to correct culture.

alternative forms of marketing do not frighten you. in fact, they turn you on.

you have big ideas everyone else thinks are nutso.

it’s likely you drink and enter altered states on occasion.

compensation negotiable. if you know what “micro indie press” means then you have realistic expectations.

it is not mandatory that you live in Portlandia, though it would be helpful. We have heard of Skype and shit before though, so you know, we are down.

if this is YOU, send a 500 word description detailing your experience and desire and why we should pick YOU to: lidiamiles at yahoo.com by April 15.

yes, really.


  1. marshall mallicoat

      “a relentless desire to correct culture.”


  2. Anonymous

      I can dress hip and be ironic – is that enough to land this occupation? If not – i’ll occupy the mutha

  3. Anonymous

      Maybe the first step for the managing editor should be making the Chiasmus Press website less like a cut-scene from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

  4. Anonymous