March 15th, 2009 / 8:24 pm

Hit and Run Magazine

 Hit and Run Magazine (click here to check it out) is a new online journal that features the scraps, notes, doodles, “rough draft scribbles” and so forth that writers make while, er, writing. It’s fun! Paul A. Toth, the author of the novels Fizz, Fishnet and the forthcoming Finale (July 2009),  is the editor and is accepting submissions. (Check out his website and learn more about him here.) The official description is after the jump:

Always accepting submissions. Send an email with “Submission” in the subject line, a brief bio in the body of the message, and a jpg or gif image of your submission attached. One link per bio. Please include a title for your piece. Your image should be in the neighborhood of 1000 pixels wide so that when clicked upon, it can easily be read. However, the size can be adjusted on this end. Submission address: We acquire First Electronic Rights.


Publishing the raw materials of fiction, poetry and other creative work: scrap metal; index cards; napkin notes; etc. The site can be followed using Networked Blogs.

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  1. ryan

      i saw H&R the other day, very cool idea!

  2. ryan

      i saw H&R the other day, very cool idea!