May 5th, 2011 / 3:06 pm

A Random List of Things

Annalemma is holding a subscription drive and they need 36 more subscriptions in the next 20 days so they can print Issue Eight. Annalemma is a great magazine that is gorgeously produced–full color throughout, lovely writing and they actually pay writers. You can find more information about the subscription drive, here, and you can actually subscribe here for $25.

I recently learned of the photography of Vivian Maier. It is stunning.

The great blog Ward 6 is shutting down and it is a shame.

Penguin has launched Book Country, a site for writers and fans of genre fiction. Writers can upload work, participate in discussions, and read articles about the publishing industry. It looks pretty interesting.

Things are not looking good for Detroit libraries.

The editor of the NYTBR explains why it is difficult to vet memoirs.

The Atlantic has a special feature on how genius works.

At The Smart Set, Jessa Crispin writes on The Female Body.

A poet inserted poetry into genetic code.

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  1. Joseph Young

      also, if you don’t know her, check out helen levitt’s photography, in a similar vein.