Nothing in Common

Posted by @ 11:23 pm on March 7th, 2011

David Duhr writes about Steve Almond’s DIY approach to publishing for Publishing Perspectives.

At Mother Jones, a primer on how to start your own country. I had no idea micronations existed. They seem similar to micropresses.

Aubrey Hirsch has some advice on what you can do with your novella. (No, not that.)

Why do writers abandon their novels? It’s a good question.

It is time for the Tournament of Books. Who are your favorites? I am rooting for Bad Marie.

Lady Journos is featuring lady writers.

Speaking of ladies, I Don’t Respect Female Expression, a chapbook of 11 stories by Frank Hinton, will be out at the end of April.

Joel Johnson wrote an article for Wired about Foxconn, iPhones, and the suicides of 17 employees.

Here’s a list of words that don’t exist in English and here is a similar list. (Thanks, Fiction Writers Review)

Kelly Davio offers some thoughts on writers and self-presentation.

The Wall Street Journal is doing such great literary coverage these days. Meghan O’Rourke writes about cadence in prose.