Some Monday Items of Interest

Posted by @ 6:09 pm on February 14th, 2011

Over at Tayari Jones’s blog, she talks about some of the bizarre choices black writers face when trying to get published. As an aside, I got an advance copy of her novel Silver Sparrow, review forthcoming, and the accompanying literature said, “When I first read Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones, I was reminded of the great black women writers of our time,” and I wonder why the writer of the letter wasn’t simply reminded of the great writers of our time. Later, there’s a blurb from the Atlanta Journal Constitution that says, “One of the most important writers of her generation, able to stand confidently alongside such heralded young black authors as Edwidge Danticat, Colson Whitehead, and ZZ Packer.” Does that mean she can’t stand confidently alongside young writers who are not black? Curious.

It’s Black History Month. Here’s a roundup of movies about black history in one way or another.

Have you checked out the Journal of Universal Rejection?

This is a really interesting open letter from Claudia Rankine, post AWP.

Brad Green wrote a really solid essay you should read. I’ve also been loving his thoughtful interviews for Dark Sky Magazine.

The Lumberyard has a new online imprint, The Saw Mill.

Martin Amis doesn’t want to write children’s books. Shocking, I know.

Question: can critics and authors be friends?

Lendle allows Kindle users to share books. Finally.

I am really enjoying the Chick Litz blog, run by a group of really active undergraduates at Ball State. There’s a great community of young writers at Ball State who are involved in all sorts of interesting projects. They also have a Kickstarter to raise funds for a writer exchange they are doing with the University of Alabama, if you’re of a mind to contribute a dollar or ten.

Eileen Myles writes about being female for The Awl. The comments are “interesting” but her essay is brilliant.