Sunday Zen

Posted by @ 5:31 pm on January 8th, 2012

It is Sunday.

The water in the river is cold.

Here are some images from and words about the Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum:

Every surface has a face
if we explore a surface
as a human.

Here we can see a shape
like a hallway.

There was a bubble
in volcanic stone.
It ripples still.

Each surface explores
another notion.

The divide
gently bisects.

I walked into the garden
to feel the air. It was
Now it’s Sunday.

A sculpture under a
tarp under a tree.

A wreath around the
surface. A separate surface.
As if in repose.

Everything perceived
through perspective.

Isamu Noguchi (野口 勇, November 17, 1904 – December 30, 1988) was a Japanese-American sculptor, landscape architect, and furniture designer. His museum is located in Queens, NY.

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