Sunday Service

Sunday Service: Erev Hallows Eve

The Olden Days

Spirits make THE THUMP.
Have you ever felt THE SHAKE.
Walking backwards on the Bridge of Names.
Even when I was not holding your hand.
Spooky boys laughing in the lake.
Have you ever been to the VERY BOTTOM?
Bad things happening in those woods.
I was not holding YOUR hand.
The dead face kills me again.
I am on the kitchen floor.
You are on the back road.
Where were we.
Running backwards on the shaking Bridge of Names.

–Lauren Ireland

What It Feels Like For a Girl

We are poco a poco, becoming witchy on a need-to-know basis. Our elders foist their little bottles of enzymes on us. Life experience naturopathy. In their presence, we do strange things: drink ginger and vinegar lemonade, lie down on the floor for past life regression. A few drops of oregano oil in a shot glass filled with water and, as with a dab of wasabi, come clear sinuses. Left alone again we find it’s a little too quiet and we forget the difference between good and bad bacteria. We get scared. Intend to meditate and stretch, to host a dinner party sometime soon.

–Krystal Languell

Lauren Ireland grew up in southern Maryland and coastal Virginia. She is the author of two chapbooks: Sorry It’s So Small, from Factory Hollow Press, and Olga & Fritz, from Mondo Bummer Press. She lives on Alabama Street in San Francisco.

Krystal Languell was a semi-finalist for the 2010 University of Akron Press Poetry Prize and a finalist for the 2011 National Poetry Series. Her first book, Call the Catastrophists, has just been published by BlazeVox Books.

October 30th, 2011 / 11:00 am
Sunday Service


  1. Vernon Howl

      i feel like there should be a line break between the poem and the dash author of the poem

  2. V.v.V

      I feel like I want to fill myself with spiders 

  3. Melissa Broder

      thanks, doin it

      update: wait i think there already is. the ghost of the htmlg unicorn did it

  4. Clump

      The dead face kills me again.

      We get scared.