Sunday Service

Sunday Service: oscar bruno d’artois


bio: oscar bruno d’artois used to have a job selling meatpies. he lives in brooklyn, new york. follow him on twitter @brunoartois

March 16th, 2014 / 10:00 am
Sunday Service


  1. mimi

      a little bit bigger, and a little bit slower, please

  2. Oscar Bruno d'Artois

      *notice* it is helpful if you watch it in full screen ! */notice*

  3. Oscar Bruno d'Artois

      watching in full screen helps sry abt my terribl handwrieting

  4. mimi

      i did/will
      *thanks* !

      i like the poem a lot, and like the music
      and i like the way the vid looks

      also, i’m a slow reader, erm
      i like to read good writing slowly

  5. alexvance

      someone who watched this vid is also into diy lip balm