December 1st, 2013 / 9:30 am
Sunday Service

Sunday Service: Russell Bennetts poem

Foxxcan Suicide (Stylish Boys in the Riot)

La Anaconda. A hooded black teenager. Teen upskirts. Such happy spirits! Sosostris of da liver. Jaws yack beer around and around and. A 1000 little deaths over a pic of Mr. Starnbergersee. Death n’ obstruction in town. In’t town. and gown. Can’t go left! LIMBO! 3 p.m. 3.16 p.m. Sergeant Snare on Pussy Patrol. Keep da Game Genie far fence, that’s fo’ mensch. If your not rreading this. I juice wanna surf the nite away. Turn it over and watch what REALLY happens. 199*: did you choose something else? Sumfin else?

White man came. – Maiden

Apocalypse as hook. What’s your Legacy, Russell? Requiem***.

It’s so easy, but nothing seems to please me. – Axl W. Rose

The audience knows this by heart. The audience know this by heart. She got big ol’booty an’ bloodshot eyes. A black Blondie. Underage. Overage. Walking stick.
Die in your class, I’ll die inmine.

Russell Bennetts is the editor of Berfrois. He lives in Kentish Town, London.

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