Sunday Service

Sunday Service: Terence Winch

Wedding Party

You were at my wedding. You stood
in a doorway and smiled at me. Music
was playing in another room, and a
huge white cake, the size of a fat little
man, awaited us on the table. The phone
rang and you answered it. It was
the priest looking for money. We
tried to get him drunk. Night fell
inside while day raged outside.
We noticed how ridiculously long
your sideburns are. There are
no photographs to prove any
of this. There is no way to know
what really happened. We drank,
we ate, we danced a waltz. We
fell asleep in the hotel, and when
we woke up thirty years later
our friends were old people,
with, like, white hair and health
problems, and the entire country
had fallen into ruination.

bio: Terence Winch, originally from the Bronx, has lived in the DC area for many years. His recent books include This Way Out (2014, Hanging Loose Press), Lit from Below (2013, Salmon Poetry [Ireland]), and Falling out of Bed in a Room with No Floor (Hanging Loose, 2011). He also plays traditional Irish music.

January 5th, 2014 / 10:00 am
Sunday Service

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  1. Fitz Fitzgerald

      Great to see this. Terry was also instrumental in starting with Michael Lally the Mass Transit reading series in DC, which helped spark the DC poetry scene. Check out his book: “irish musicians/american friends.”