An Old Junker


An Old Junker: a senior represents

An Old Junker: a senior represents
by Howard Junker
IF SF Publishing, 2011
144 pages / $10.00 Buy from IF SF Publishing
Rating: 8.7








Imagine that Holden Caulfield survived his adolescence to become a mid-century man of letters, knew some of the good writers, wrote for some of the good magazines, then headed West to found and edit an adventurous arts journal. Imagine that he rereads the best of the 20th century canon for pleasure and chooses to publish new generations of poets, storytellers, photographers and graphic artists solely on the recognizance of his own eclectic taste. Okay, maybe he’s inordinately proud of the prep school and undergrad classmates who made big waves in the culture that used to be, but he’s also willing to stick pins in the pretenders and tell stories on himself.


October 13th, 2011 / 2:05 pm