Breece D’K Pancake

{LMC}: What We Talked About This Week in LMC (And Last Week Too)

Patricia Lockwood created an illustration of one line from Sean Kilpatrick’s The All Encompassed Drowned.

James McGirk wrote a reflection on Czar Gutierrez’s Bombardier.

Mike Meginnis wrote a comprehensive analysis of the assembly of New York Tyrant 3.2.

We had a live chat with New York Tyrant editor Giancarlo DiTrapano. Sorry you missed it. Drinking was involved, as was music by The Smiths, and many unsolved mysteries were solved.

Alex V. Cook wrote a reaction to the letter Breece D’J Pancake wrote but did not send to his mother before his 1979 suicide.

On the Google Group, we’ve been talking about matters of gender, women’s writing, why women don’t submit, how to read experimental work and Matt Bell’s An Index of How Our Family Was Killed. There’s more, but you have to join to know.

Speaking of Matt Bell, next we are reading the November issue of The Collagist, which debuts on 11/15. At the end of the month, we’ll do a live chat with Matt and who knows what will happen.

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November 6th, 2010 / 12:00 pm