cristina nehring



Over at n+1, Cristina Nehring writes a furious response to Emily Gould’s smiling bitchslap of a review of her book, A Vindication of Love:

Ms. Gould well knows that I’m not the “corduroyed fattish academic” to whom she likens me in the opening of her article…

The Editor’s Response (below Nehring’s letter) references a panel on Feminism that n+1 hosted at the Kitchen last week, the same day the review appeared, saying, “two of the panelists spoke about it at length.”  I was at the panel… it might have been mentioned, but I don’t remember anyone speaking about it at length.

FWIW, Gould’s review is entertaining.  But I haven’t read the book, nor does it occupy a space in my ever-growing to read stack, so I’m not qualified to remark on it substantively.

December 9th, 2009 / 9:04 pm