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Cover to Cover: Murdaland

This is the cover of their very first issue. The new one's cover is even cooler.

I took the most recent- and only the second ever- issue of Murdaland Magazine with me on my vacation a month or so ago (it seems like a lifetime ago) and read most it with great pleasure. I just finished reading the rest of it today. The cover here on the left is of the first issue. The magazine is based in Pittsburgh, which makes me love them. This is noir, crime, fucked up stuff, with a little Jayne Anne Phillips thrown in (Mary Gaitskill was in their first issue) and a very interesting non-fiction thing from a soldier in the Middle East. The new issue’s cover is even more badass than this one here, but I couldn’t figure a way to put it in the post. After the jump, I’ll briefly summarize the stories:


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April 23rd, 2009 / 8:31 pm