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Thank You For Your Sperm

tyfys2_cover_largeThank You For Your Sperm
by Marcus Speh
MadHat Press, 2013
188 pages / $15.00 buy from MadHat Press or Amazon
Rating: 8.9








Marcus Speh explores the tender side of absurdity with Thank You for Your Sperm. Though this is flash fiction it lingers in the mind for much longer. Entire histories are suggested in these small pieces. Not a word is wasted either. From the title to the last line Marcus Speh uses language economically. Words playfully jump across the page opening entirely new histories within histories. Geography is a key part of these stories as geography too can suggest a mood with a simple word or two. Berlin specifically gets rather affectionate treatment. How all of this comes together is quite impressive. READ MORE >

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August 8th, 2013 / 12:10 pm