T.J. Forrester

Five Star Literary Stories

I love people. (And then there are those I don’t love, but that’s another post.) A year ago or so, I was “discovering” online writing and discovered some writers that blew my mind. The list is long but I’ll be brief and incomplete: Tony O’Neill, Elizabeth Ellen, Scott Wrobel, A.S. King and T.J Forrester were writing stuff that effectively made me put down the print journals I was reading for a while. T.J. Forrester’s stories showed me (read this great one on Storyglossia, a journal I keep meaning to post more about) a man so thoroughly talented and and so heartfelt in his work that I sort of cyberstalked him. He handled it pretty well. He also runs this great site called Five Star Literary Stories, where an editor of an online literary journal  nominates a story that he/she loves for review and then T.J. has another writer write a review of said story. It’s a wonderful addition to the rich world of online lit. Right now, they have a  fantastic review by Clifford Garstang of  an E.C. Osondu story from Guernica. Check it out.

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May 9th, 2009 / 12:04 pm