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THE NEW NEPOTISM: An Introduction

ON NATHAN’S BIRTHDAY we went up to Olympia to pick up Jason. He’d been traveling. A few months gone I reckon. Nate’d been living in J’s room all heart-broken up in the Nad, watching the entirety of Breaking Bad in the course of a couple weeks. I did as much as I could re-watching with him, loving it, deep-reading the world it meant to be there gangsta-style lonely and for real with my best friend all shitty and suffering, digging the vicarious world of criminal pathos to sovereignty .

So on the day he was born: Nate, Tyann, and I drove up from Portland to pick Jason up with some acid. We found Jason who’d been pretty impressed with the novelty in Washington of whiskey in regular stores, who’d walked for miles drinking only whiskey for days, and crashed wherever in the course of not needing anyone at all.

We got him, drank and figured where we’d drop. Ty’d gone to Evergreen so we figured campus would be the best place to do it. We went ahead and did and as we approached the forest a kid straight out of the 90’s (“You guys like Alice in Chains?’) led us into the woods without a flashlight and we built a fire out of Emo Steve’s negative psych assessment he’d left around the shrine in his trapper keeper.


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January 3rd, 2013 / 9:05 am

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