November 12th, 2010 / 9:00 pm
Behind the Scenes

Chapbook City

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  1. jereme_dean


  2. mark leidner

      lol yeah i kind of feel bad for her now… “objectifier’s remorse” :(

  3. jereme_dean

      what, big tits don’t exist in CHAPBOOK CITY?

  4. Igor

      hustle of out a sense of hopelessness.

  5. mark leidner

      no they do exist, i just coulda made them less whaley, they’re like two white whales in an ocean of male gaze

  6. jereme_dean

      i think it works because of the cat.

      in my mind, the cat is thinking “WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS BITCH?”

  7. Jon Cone

      I love this shit.

      I saw Tomaz Salamun read. First poem he read in Slovenian, it was epic. I got to spend time with him, talk and shit. Just an a real great guy.

      I could watch these all night long.
      Put them in a book,
      a chapbook. (Include a CD.)

      ‘The Materiality of Language: Nights in Chapbook City’. Man, I’ve already bought five!

      Readings dont’ always suck, just most of the time. (Poets are the worst. I wonder why. Something about the preciousness of the delivery.)


  8. Ted

      ‘ i’m taking my talents to chapbook city ‘

  9. drewkalbach

      tomaz salamun is the don king of small press publishing

  10. efferny jomes

      100% indeed

  11. Ted

      — lejames brawn

  12. jesusangelgarcia

      Love this remix, Mark. “Let’s stay in and get trashed.” And the li’l arm (line) at the end, then sleep. Sweet.

  13. mark leidner


  14. mark leidner

      thanks jon, yeah tomaz is fabulous, i saw him read and immediately was like “this guy is famous for a reason…”

      too bad when you’re ambitious you have to be jealous of your superiors… “all in the game” etc

      and yeah some readings are rare… soul experiences…

      it’s very tough for a poet to give a great reading, but it is possible.. if the stars align…

  15. mark leidner

      lol ted

  16. mark leidner

      lol is he? i always think of him as the sam waterston

  17. mark leidner

      thanks shaun

  18. mark leidner

      lol @ li’l, thanks jesus