Servicey: Should You Get an MFA? Find out for $1100 + Room/Board in NYC

Posted by @ 4:27 pm on April 16th, 2010

I have no problem with capitalism or unique ways of creating profit and independent magazines have to really think outside the box to generate money. To that end, today I got an e-mail from One Story about their intimate writer’s workshop that will answer the age-old question: Should I get an MFA?

For the tidy sum of $1100 PLUS a $25 application fee One Story says:

The week will include morning workshops, afternoon craft lectures, and evening panels with writers, editors, agents, and MFA directors. All events are designed to give students the practical advice they need to either apply for an MFA or launch their career outside of academia.

We are crafting a unique experience, both practical and creative, for writers who hope for a career in fiction writing. Students will leave with:

  • A workshopped portfolio they can use as their writing sample
  • Advice from MFA directors about what they look for in an applicant
  • A full understanding of the range of MFA and non-MFA options
  • Insight about what an MFA can offer a writer
  • A breakdown of the financial implications of an MFA
  • A community of writers at the same stage of their career
  • Access to¬†One Story editors and authors
  • A look at the wider publishing world from literary agents, editors, and writers

I am fascinated by these sorts of workshops and people who could afford to spend this kind of money. I will do all these things for you for $110! One-tenth of the price! BARGAIN! For free you can consult Dr. Google about what an MFA might offer you. Or you could ask a writer. Options, they’re fantastic.