October 15th, 2014 / 9:41 pm
Behind the Scenes

Thirteen Ways of Looking at HTMLGiant (by Dan Coffey)

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after I’d tweeted

happy/sad/elated that htmlgiant’s closing??? … send me obituaries/goodbye notes, etc … i’ll publish most of them (i think)….

Dan Coffey sent me the following poem:


Thirteen Ways of Looking at HTMLGiant



Among twenty=seven letters,

The only playable tile

Was the Scrabble blank.



I was of three heads,

Like a dog

You know which kind and what I guarded.



The gyre whirled and whirled toward the Jacuzzi.

We all got pantsed.


A man and a website

Are one.

A man and a woman and a website

Are a dog.



To prefer anything is a luxury

We can afford, idk, I guess,

The beauty of deflections

Or the booty of innuendoes,

“The black dog

Runs at night.”



The screen was frozen inter-

minably, so the vitriol sunk in.

The pointer was positioned

To click on the X.

All brood

Implicated in the shade

Cipher off the code.



O Ballad of the Thin Men,

Who imagine life beyond Brooklyn:

Check the rabid pigeons

Shitting about your bowling shoes:

“Guano” is primarily Peruvian.



I’ve been around & heard things

Poetry that makes sense and sounds dope;

But I get the ineluctable truth,

That Bob Dylan has been there

And he just sucks.



When the cause was moved to the periphery,

It began to occupy

The pepper spray factories.



When we see hounds

Running, glowing, luminous,

We write all over Kenny

Goldsmith’s tummy with Sharpies.



He cabbed it up Northeast.

He was using Uber.

And was reminded of a frightful,

Time when he confused

His pint of Black IPA

For someone’s Guinness.



The eyes are moving.

The words must be being written.



The party hit early.

It was a comedown

That was bound to keep

Coming down. HTMLGIANT

Was gone from all but.


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