October 19th, 2014 / 10:32 pm
Behind the Scenes

what would be a good name for a new literary magazine ???

(i have a “friend” who’d like to know)


  1. Erik Stinson

      the buttworm

  2. Rauan Klassnik

      similar suggestions have been made on Twitter

  3. postitbreakup

      CSS Little Person

  4. deadgod

      functionally il

  5. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      Gramma Ruse

  6. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      Cher AIDS

  7. mimi

      Litter Alley

  8. Rauan Klassnik

      Little Alfie???

  9. Rauan Klassnik

      that would be more of a Mission Statement or Ars Poetica :)

  10. bartleby_taco


      ableton live

      the sunglasses emoji face

      saint 1999

  11. deadgod

      “that would be” is good

      Mission Statement & Ars Poetica: been done

  12. deadgod

      the blog-roll audio: live mic in woods? near freeway? or just in wind?

      or is that the sound of blood in the ear when you’re being spied on

  13. mimi

      “more of” would be good

  14. mimi

      Word Cloud

      Word World

      Word Jail

      Word Prison

      Word Joint

      Word Receptacle

      Word Container

      Word Storage

  15. mimi

      Right Justify

  16. E.A. Beeson


  17. mtc

      “friend” sounds pretty good

  18. adjacent

      random hut

  19. Rauan Klassnik

      “more mission mission ars” — ????

  20. Rauan Klassnik

      “earblood”— ???

  21. Rauan Klassnik

      sorry but the word “Word” is not allowed — word?

  22. Rauan Klassnik

      this IS the age of justification (indeed)

  23. Rauan Klassnik

      did you say “random nut” ???

  24. mimi


  25. mimi

      Boys ‘R’ Us

      The White American Male Journal of Literary Misogyny

  26. Rauan Klassnik

      like the horse, of course — ????

  27. Rauan Klassnik


  28. mimi

      Wird Cloud

      Wird World

      Wird Jail

      Wird Prison

      Wird Joint

      Wird Receptacle

      Wird Container

      Wird Storage

  29. mimi


  30. mimi

      i mean ‘nay’

  31. mimi

      more ars

  32. mimi

      The White American Male Journal of Antagonistic Misogyny


  33. Ethan Ashley

      “Seems insane”

  34. Kim Göransson

      Moon shit

  35. Rauan Klassnik

      perfect :) or maybe “moon and shit”

  36. adjacent

      mom drink

  37. ĴɎĦ

      The Riga Review,
      The Rigatoni Review,
      The Rig-a-Tony Review,
      The Rigger Tone-Knob Review,
      The Rigor Tortoise Review—

      “Rigor Tortoise”

  38. Richard Grayson

      Transatlantic Review.

  39. Kim Göransson

      Im feeling very strongly about ‘Maybe Moon & Shit

  40. Kim Göransson

      Or moonogamy. Is moonogamy a word? When you’re a poet and vow to only fuck one moon 4life

  41. mimi

      Cereal Moonogamy

  42. Rauan Klassnik

      only narrative poets are sooooo foolish

  43. deadgod

      the literary toilet-seat epidemiology of the future

  44. deadgod

      the word at the end of the mind of the future

  45. deadgod

      Moon June Swoon

  46. mimi

      Future Word !

  47. mimi

      the Moon in June Swoons Moonly on the Rune

  48. mimi

      [beginning of personal “uncontrolled” flameout yo]


  49. Kim Göransson

      I don’t know “narrative poets”. Do they not swoon for moons?

  50. Rauan Klassnik

      i’ve only heard rumors (i don’t “really” know any either)…