January 10th, 2013 / 2:44 pm
Craft Notes

7 Blowfish Memoirs


I am interested in life only in its absurd manifestation. I find abhorrent heroics, pathos, moralizing, all that is hygienic and tasteful … both as words and as feelings.

3. Mountain climber/author tells Random House to stick it over royalties for ebooks.


Suddenly it was as if I’d been getting my ass kicked in an alley somewhere and realized I’d had one arm behind my back. All of my natural abilities, I saw, had been placed, by me, behind a sort of scrim. Among these were: humor, speed, the scatological, irreverence, compression, naughtiness. All I had to do was tear down the scrim and allow those abilities to come to the table.

And writing might be fun again.

Pre-election debate at Czech Radio 1 in Prague, Czech Republic - 04 Jan 2013


4. New Diagram is up, you smoke-shows and over-fogged brothers.

5. Interview with founders of Recommended Reading, and you should probably go byno-border (with your gaze) recommended readings anyway I mean if you’re not at this time already.

6. This is pretty great about Daniil Kharms. It’s not brand new but I don’t really care if it follows all the rules of blogs (?) and it seems to me you can post what you want and how or whatever when discussing Mr. Kharms. I think he writes like whales (killer) sneeze.

6. Here’s a really bad poem.

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