A Little Bit More on Cliché

Posted by @ 11:28 am on October 19th, 2011

Here’s the plot: a woman sees this guy and falls in love. The trouble is, her father is feuding with the fellow’s father.

Sound familiar?

It is, of course, a subplot in The Tempest: the courtship of Ferdinand and Miranda. (That Shakespeare, always busy repeating himself!)

The Tempest is my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays, possibly my most favorite play ever. (How clichéd!) Like so many others, I consider it pinnacle of art. But its artistry doesn’t preclude its having been rooted in pretty familiar stuff. If you want to be the obligatory HTMLGIANT reductionist (how clichéd!), just copy and paste the following into the comments section: “At heart, it’s really just a revenge story.”

And if you want to stage or film an adaptation, you have a multitude of ways of producing something either more or less familiar:


…or much more unexpected:

Still, the starting place is the same: a rather hackneyed situation.

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