July 31st, 2012 / 1:59 pm
Craft Notes

Day Writing for Prosumers


“Business is war.” – William Greenspan, teacher of day trading

“Risk not thy whole wad” – William Greenspan

Is this the purest poetry process? Moving lies and rumors. Pulling money. Survival of self-concept by navigation of market. It’s a journey without time or space. You sit at home on your computer and constantly maintain the same posture. It’s like internet lit. There’s no progress, no career, no education, just selling and buying. It’s different from the eCommerce stuff I’ve mentioned here before. BUY IT NOW has a kind of consumer push narrative. This is pure sales. Can anyone else think of a purer form of poetry?

Zero comments.

Zero views.

Zero fear.


  1. sam salvador

      liquid stock market vs. actual products & companies / liquid literature vs. permanent Self

  2. deadgod

      Wait; isn’t accumulation a kind of “progress” and a ground for “fear”?  Or is there a ‘pure’ market, site for completely immaterial and egoless exchange… osmosis without substance–