Monday morning (early, early morning) craft notes.

Posted by @ 4:02 am on September 7th, 2009


The inspirational part of this video for me starts about 2 minutes in.

[Announcer] We spoke to Gerard earlier about his strategy. I’d like you to understand exactly what he thinks.

[Gerard] Hello, I’m Gerard Gordeau. I’m a fighter of Holland. And my discipline is savate, the French boxing. The same like kickboxing, only without knees. I hope that I win the tournament, and I don’t make mistakes.

SPOILER:Gerard does not make mistakes here.

Maybe when we write, we should just try not to make mistakes*.

And maybe then we’ll whomp all over some motherfucker who has us by 210 pounds.

Let’s go write. Let’s be careful out there.

* What’s a mistake? I don’t know yet. I really don’t. I think I know them when I see them, though. I think.

I think. Maybe.