Pier Paolo Pasolini on Writing

Posted by @ 1:33 pm on May 7th, 2010

“One should never hope for anything.”

“If you know that I am an unbeliever, then you know me better than I do myself. I may be an unbeliever, but I am an unbeliever who has a nostalgia for a belief.”

“But I do not believe in a metaphysical god. I am religious because I have a natural identification between reality and God. Reality is divine. That is why my films are never naturalistic. The motivation that unites all of my films is to give back to reality its original sacred significance.”

“When I make a film, I shift into a state of fascination with an object, a thing, a fact, a look, a landscape, as though it were an engine where the holy is about to explode.”

“I am a murderer but I am a good person.”

“Don’t talk to me of the sea while we are in the mountains.”

“If I have access to an administrative council or a Stock Market maneuver, that’s what I use. Otherwise I use a crowbar. And when I use a crowbar, I’ll use whatever means to get what I want.”

“I say let’s not waste time placing nametags here and there. Let’s see then how we can unplug this tub before we all drown.”

[What follows here is a transcription of the end of the final interview conducted with Pasolini, conducted by Furio Colomobo…]

FC: Why do you think that some things are so much evident for you?

PPP: I don’t want to talk about myself any more. Maybe I’ve said too much already. Everyone knows that I pay for my experiences in person. But there are also my books and my films. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ll keep on saying that we are all in danger.

FC: Pasolini, if that’s how you see life–I don’t know if you will accept this question–how do you hope to avoid the risk and danger involved?

[It’s late, Pasolini did not turn on any lights and it’s become hard to take notes. We look over what I’ve written. Then he asks me to leave the questions with him.]

PPP: There are some statements that seem a little too absolute. Let me think about it, let me look them over. And give me the time to come up with a concluding remark. I have something in mind for your question. I find it easier to write than to talk. I’ll give you the notes that I’ll add on tomorrow morning.

[The next day, Sunday, Pasolini’s body was in the morgue of the Rome police station.]