January 7th, 2014 / 10:12 am

Brooklyn Poetry Summit Final Countdown

Less than a week left!

“As many of you have heard, we in Brooklyn (and its surroundings) are beginning to solidify the Brooklyn Poetry Summit, which will be taking place the weekend of April 18th of the coming year with more than 20 readers from all over the country with poetics both disparate and in close conversation with one another. We are hoping to be able to bring our readers into town without them incurring financial burden, and to help mitigate the financial stress that so often roadblocks meetings of this sort.

The summit’s goal is to provide a site for discourse, reading and listening whilst, of course, making similar provisions for partying with much vigor and refinement.   As we are doing our best to stay away from any institutional support while still being able to bring all these poets to town without financial burden, we need support from everyone, especially to adjust for relative distances and financial concerns of our readers .  So…donate, fast, furious, often, oftener…great “gifts,” even better future payoff…think of this as your retirement fund.

Summit Schedule (as of Jan. 6th, 2014)

Thursday, April 17:
BookThug Nation       (Evening)
—erica kaufman
—Sherwin Bitsui
—Andrew Kenower
—Sara Wintz

Friday, April 18:
Unnameable Books     (Evening)
—Sam Lohmann
—Sarah Dowling
—Nico Peck
—Tyrone Williams

Ugly Duckling Presse HQ      (Night)
—Brandon Brown
—Roberto Harrison
—Anne Boyer
—James Yeary
—Tanya Olson

Saturday April 19:
Berl’s Poetry Shop          (Evening)
—Chris Sylvester
—Holly Melgard
—Joey Yearous-Algozin
—Jordan Dunn
—Eddie Hopely

Location TBA    (Night)
—David Abel
—Anna Vitale
—Dana Ward
—j/j Hastain
—Suzanne Stein

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