Your Taste: A Review

Posted by @ 3:27 pm on March 6th, 2009

I searched “my books” and “my bookshelf” on flickr and reviewed stranger’s tastes in literature.


Did you read Everything is Illuminated twice? I read the first 5 pages once, then felt irritated and put it down. Kudos on Lolita though, it really is an awesome book, and answers in full ‘why men love bitches,’ so I don’t see the point on reading an entire book on that. They made a movie out of The Namesake with Kumar. It was like Joy Luck Club except with Indians. I teared the entire movie, though I think it was the curry. As for ‘how to save your own life,’ don’t fly if you’re scared of it. Just fly a kite.


Shakespeare was okay, but we all know the true voice of our mortality: Stephen King. I notice a ‘trilogy of harrowing experiences’: Catcher in the Rye, Wuthering Heights, and Night (Jewish writer, spinster freak, Jewish writer). Life is good. And then there’s two indictments of society: American Pyscho and In Cold Blood. Total death toll: 6 million + about two dozen. You’re a real charmer.


Okay, I get the point. You like having sex with monkeys. Have you heard of Darwin? We — like, humanity n’ shit, is trying to evolve outta that uh situation there. You’re a walking female condom commercial lady, seriously.


Hey Mr. Downer, please try and get a girlfriend. You need to get laid. Zarathustra ain’t speaking tonight homey. Here’s a Socratic question:  why the fuck you reading Plato? Platonic is your problem bro — you gotta nail that chick. Being and Nothingness is only asserted when you ain’t gettin’ Putang and Assinface. As for Kierkegaard, either you get a life and bang some bitches, or you can go on having a dickhead bookshelf.

Conclusion: your taste in books sucks.

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