December 19th, 2011 / 12:45 pm

Fan Mail #4: Ben Marcus / 450

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  1. Mitchell S Jackson

      Marco Navarro is a good friend of mine. He was always someone I admired and truth be told was attracted to! One day after the club and drunk i just let myself go. I wanted to give Marco a good view of my brown erect pole so that he could admire its shape and slightly curved contour. I reached back down and twisted my saliva-lubed palm all around my head and shaft. Once my dick was pulsating and well greased, I forced it down by the base to angle the tip back into the opening of the Yoo-Hoo bottle. The wide-mouth was just right to grab around the girth of my slender prick. And when I forced myself all the way in, my tip just tickled the inside of the bottom while the mouth of the bottle rested against my pubes.