November 8th, 2010 / 2:00 pm
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{LMC}: On Scott Garson’s Silt

Here is Garson’s Silt. If you would like to have the full PDF of NY Tyrant 8 so you can participate in this month’s LMC discussions, get in touch with me. But still, when you buy a literary magazine, an angel gets its wings so consider buying a copy.

I will not dishonor Scott Garson’s story by writing something longer than he did. There is no insightful analysis in my post, just appreciation. I read it many times, and that is the mark of good work that is so short. I will read it again many times.

My favorite bit: “… hummed in the jaundicing keys of tube lights.” Tube lights are the death of us all and the word jaundice makes me shiver.

SPOILER ALERT! Skip this paragraph if you have not read the piece yet … The end was also snazzy (snazzy is not the right word, but I just felt like saying that): “Were you not also looking to get solved?” Ah, yes, I was looking to get solved. Thank you.

So I do not gush too much, I have a serious problem with one thing. “Public relations specialist” should not be capped. It is an outrage. How dare you, sir.

I have no answers, only questions. Did anyone else enjoy this piece as much as I did? Elaborate. Share your favorite line. If not, why? And what’s up with that title?

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