December 17th, 2011 / 3:22 pm
Literary Magazine Club


“Guess what we got here… new book.”


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  1. marshall

      how did this happen? who got him to do this?

      my god

  2. marshall

      did someone get in contact with him? did someone pay him?

  3. Daniel Bailey

      who is he?

  4. Bobby Dixon

      That’s RiFF RAFF SODMG

  5. marshall

      the freestyle scientist
      the texas tornado
      kokayne dawkinz
      party mchardy
      the white gucci mane
      rap game larry bird
      rookie of the future
      mtv riff raff

  6. marshall

      mtv riff raff is like the second coming of vanilla ice, but done right this time, and he’s from houston

  7. Chet

      riff raff?! holy shit

  8. deadgod

      somebody scribbled on that fellow’s neck probably while he was sleeping or held down a cruel and dastardly jape in any case

      “riff raff” is the fourth track on the long-playing recorded album POWERAGE it is an honor and a thrill to be born with heritage or even to acquire it by storing up treasures in your personal kingdom of heaven

  9. Guestagain

      he’s gonna reggae toast pressure drop?

  10. reynard

      thums up

  11. Brooks Sterritt

      “the nose is kinda forced into a…..barbatuate(?)…standpoint.” can’t stop listening to this.

  12. mimi

      i would love a transcript of this so i could Read it  

      trank-uh-lize my an-uh-thee-ziss

  13. Deadgodfan1

      Shit is played out. Dude’s not even that funny after a while.

  14. Deadgodfan1

      watched a vid of him snorting coke and dropping a lame freestyle. Felt embarrassed for the guy.

      He’s not hilariously cool hip ironic rapper. He’s just a one trick pony with a coke line for a riding crop.

  15. Erik Stinson

      the nu MFA set

  16. RealTalk

      So it’s supposed to be funny because a white guy of lower socio-economic status is reppin’ for a lit mag?

  17. Anonymous

  18. Anonymous

  19. Anonymous

  20. Lowslows


  21. Anonymous

  22. Gian

      You’re played out.

  23. Gian

      You don’t know shit.

  24. Gian

      What’s funny is that your name is “Real”Talk while you’re as far as you can get from being real.

  25. Anonymous

      Is there any way that this video can come back to the Internet?

  26. Anonymous

      Is there any way that this video can come back to the Internet?