September 20th, 2012 / 12:20 pm

A mixtape inspired by The Orange Eats Creeps, a novel by Grace Krilanovich

Just wrapped up a two week session on The Orange Eats Creeps in my 21st Century Horror class, and one of my awesome students, DJ Dodd, created this badass mixtape: “For those who are interested in further exploring the dark underbelly of society hinted at by The Orange Eats Creeps, here is a streamable and downloadable mixtape that features the twisted, crusty, and often sublime characteristics found within the novel.”

A link to the mixtape, plus a track list after the break.

Safeway at Sunrise

My Revenge – G.G. Allin
N/A – Muddy Waters
Not Of This World – Danzig
Tired Of Being Alive (Danzig) – The Body
Divided – Deaf Center
Brand New Set Of Teeth – The Locust
Wild Thing – The Creatures
A Sworded Paw II – Vipe
The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil – Jefferson Airplane
Fuck… I’m Drunk! – Wormrot
Find The Arise – Obituary
Prayer for the Unborn – Chelsea Wolfe
Haunted Ground – Cult Ritual
Bestial Destruction – Insect Warfare
Sleeping In My Piss – G.G. Allin
Pigeon – Cannibal Ox
We Are Here To Have A Good Time – Genocide Organ
Call the Cops – Nailbiter
Form Of Satan – Aanal Beehemoth
I Wanna Be Your Dog – Iggy & The Stooges
Caked in Rage. – Stresscase
Blood & Hammers – Draug
Sleep – This Heat
Eighth Wave – Suzanne Ciani
forbidden oath – wooden stake
Cut Your Teeth – Killin’ It!
You Can Bury Me In The East – Mamaleek


  1. frrrrrank

      Yay thank you. For any other fans of the novel, the awesome photographer/novelist paul kwitowski names it as a favorite:

  2. Matt Tyler

      Nice. Thanks!

  3. Ryan Shea

      Listened to this during work today. Thanks!

  4. tihmn

      This may or may not be interesting to you folks, but most of the members of Vipe were in another band that had a song based on this novel/took lyrics from this novel (

      Also, I think Poison Idea should be on there.