A mixtape inspired by The Orange Eats Creeps, a novel by Grace Krilanovich

Posted by @ 12:20 pm on September 20th, 2012

Just wrapped up a two week session on The Orange Eats Creeps in my 21st Century Horror class, and one of my awesome students, DJ Dodd, created this badass mixtape: “For those who are interested in further exploring the dark underbelly of society hinted at by The Orange Eats Creeps, here is a streamable and downloadable mixtape that features the twisted, crusty, and often sublime characteristics found within the novel.”

A link to the mixtape, plus a track list after the break.

Safeway at Sunrise

My Revenge – G.G. Allin
N/A – Muddy Waters
Not Of This World – Danzig
Tired Of Being Alive (Danzig) – The Body
Divided – Deaf Center
Brand New Set Of Teeth – The Locust
Wild Thing – The Creatures
A Sworded Paw II – Vipe
The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil – Jefferson Airplane
Fuck… I’m Drunk! – Wormrot
Find The Arise – Obituary
Prayer for the Unborn – Chelsea Wolfe
Haunted Ground – Cult Ritual
Bestial Destruction – Insect Warfare
Sleeping In My Piss – G.G. Allin
Pigeon – Cannibal Ox
We Are Here To Have A Good Time – Genocide Organ
Call the Cops – Nailbiter
Form Of Satan – Aanal Beehemoth
I Wanna Be Your Dog – Iggy & The Stooges
Caked in Rage. – Stresscase
Blood & Hammers – Draug
Sleep – This Heat
Eighth Wave – Suzanne Ciani
forbidden oath – wooden stake
Cut Your Teeth – Killin’ It!
You Can Bury Me In The East – Mamaleek