December 29th, 2010 / 3:34 pm

Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy

I like thug rap. I can’t help it. When I was like 14 I would go around saying most rap was stupid because it wasn’t serious enough. Now I think it is the most serious shit in music, and particularly thug rap more than the smart shit, even though I like a bunch of that too. Thug, for its particular mode of swagger and affect: being what it is and ready to die or explode and get the cash and freakspirit. There is more furtive emotion, spirit, force, and fight in the presence of thug rap even if, or perhaps in the light of, the meat of the lyrics being trivial, childish, base, ridiculous. It might sound cheesy for suburban-lifed guys or girls white or black to get serious inspiration from stuff that’s as foreign to their daily life in physical manifestation as you can get, that being: killing, drugs, prostitutes, shitloads of cash; there is something heaving and overwhelming in a beyond the hour kind of way, actually more intense because of its otherworldliness, and it often seeming more punk as fuck and ready to party with the god of god than any other kind of music. It’s like “fuck America” and “yeah America” at the same time, which seems like life.

Atlanta is a big rap town. There are probably more famous and upcoming rappers here than any other city. Two of the biggest Atlanta faces who have yet to take it really to like a household name level but are still in most every club around the states are Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. I like them both for different reasons and in different settings or times somewhat. I feel like comparing them head to head, and thinking a little about what I like about small consistencies of style in thug rap.

* * *

Lyrics: One reason I like Jeezy is because his lyrics are about as base sounding as you can want. If I’ve learned anything from listening to a lot of thug rap it is ideas about streamlining sounds down to these things you don’t mind hearing over and over, and getting your point across quickly even if your point is totally amorphous. It’s not about clarity as much as presence. Jeezy is a frequent abuser of the rhyme-one-word-with-the-same-word-again style, like: “I commentate the game like John Madden / cuz I played in the game like John Madden.” He talks a shitload about selling drugs, which I guess he actually did, which most rappers seem to do. I always wonder why rap albums can’t be used as law evidence, like dude is saying he sells a fuckload of cocaine, maybe you should go to his house. I know that’s not how it works, but still. It seems like they are toppling novels by throwing that shit out there like they’re talking about actual snowflakes, giving no fuck and therefore giving more of a fuck than giving a fuck is. Gucci talks more about having money and hanging out and having fun and shit; he’s less serious even when he’s talking about the same things Jeezy does. I also feel like Gucci has a sense of humor more, and when he makes me laugh it seems more on purpose than me just laughing because Jeezy is kind of like a big little boy acting serious, if in a good way. Gucci is an insane goofprince. Point: Gucci.

* * *

Ad-libs: If you don’t know, ad-libs are the parts in rap where they hype themselves up between lines with little bursts of words like the infamous Lil Jon “Yeaaahhhh.” The guttural. The utterance. Some Artaud style shit. (I recently realized Artaud was the first thug rapper, in the 40s.) Some rappers make a style for themselves based almost more on the ad-libs than the lyrics. Jeezy has a roster of ad-libs that seems like whoever produces the album just can like copy and paste from a set group of shit like, “Ayyy,” “G-yuh,” “Dayummmmm,” “Let’s get it,” etc. Dude says “Ayyy” so much I often find myself waiting for him to say “Beeee, Ceeee.” Gucci’s ad libs are a little bit more random seeming more often, though his most common one is his own name, “Gu-cci,” reminding us we must be constantly pushing ourselves forward to get anywhere, or his notorious “Burrrr,” reminding us to be retarded and iced out as possible. My favorite ad lib of all time might be Gucci’s “Well damn!,” cuz it makes me giggle. Regardless, I’m gonna have to go with Jeezy on this one, as adlibs are so important to him that if he loses here, he’s losing the whole thing automatically. Point: Jeezy

* * *

Voice: Jeezy kind of looks tougher than Gucci to me, like if they got in a fight w/o guns Gucci would get ripped. So I like Jeezy’s voice more when I’m in a pissed off mood or like sitting in traffic about to explode because everything is made of dogs. Gucci is much more chill and ridiculous at the same time, kind of less meat and more gristle, and aesthetically I am more a fan of gristle than meat. Gucci sounds better at night driving when there are no other cars or on roads with a lot of stoplights. Point: Gucci.


* * *

Beats: Since Jeezy’s been around a little longer, he has a bit more of an arc to deal with in this situation, even though Gucci’s put out maybe more records in a shorter time. Jeezy started off with really minimalist, stripped down beats that rely on bass more and the repetition and threading of the voice than like glitzy club banger shit. I really appreciated that. Really quickly, though, as he started to get attention, Jeezy started throwing in more of the kind of shit I don’t like. I hate when rappers use singers, or too obviously want to follow in the path of Kanye or Lil Wayne and make these big anthemic popcrap rap shit things that will get teenage girls downloading their shit. Gucci has a bit more flair and weird vibes going on in the beat department, with more unusual and flashy sounding beats more often, but still with enough based around the bass and the center that it doesn’t sound like he’s watering out. Jeezy’s bass definitely hits harder on the subs though, jarring up in my guts, while Gucci’s shit is slightly more creative, easier to play in repetition. I value both of those elements equally. Point: tie.

* * *

Posse: I can’t think of any cool people Jeezy has guest on his albums. He more kind of stands alone, though when he does have guests they are more flashy. I like that one track he did with Timbaland. Gucci seems more interested in raising up a whole circuit of others around him, particularly Waka Flocka, who has almost in some ways started to elevate even faster than Gucci; I imagine a lot of other people from the Brick Squad set coming along the line. Having guests on rap tracks is often a bad idea because they are more boring, though this makes it doubly impressive when you have effective ones, which is why Three Six and Wu Tang end up being so legendary. But Gucci seems able to pull off both, and raising more than just yourself instead of kissing off on famous things when you do raise others up seems quite commendable. Point: Gucci.

* * *

Drug references: I feel like Jeezy sells a lot more drugs while Gucci uses a lot more drugs. Selling drugs seems cooler to me. Point: Jeezy

* * *

Sex references: Jeezy doesn’t talk sexy as much. The one sex related song that comes to mind is where the hook is something like “Imma tear that pussy up.” It always makes me feel weird when I listen to it. Gucci just likes to talk about having a lot of options in his sex life, and even though I don’t really give a fuck about thinking about rappers having sex, there are lots of ways to deal with the lyrics in ways that pertain to motivation and hell raising and being headstrong and freakish. Point: Gucci

* * *

Swagger: Both of these guys would shit the moon out of the sky with their second butter finger if they weren’t busy throwing down on golden earth. Point: tie.

* * *

Memories: A lot of people listen to music because it ties tight to moments in their life and helps them remember things a certain way. I have a lot of albums I can’t listen to because they make me feel too messed up, or connect to things I don’t want to connect to anymore. Some records I’ve heard so much I can hear them in my head without hearing them. I’ve gotten pretty tired of receiving this feeling from music; I prefer the void, or a kind of movement that doesn’t anticipate or intentionally milk my emotions. My favorite memory while listening to Jeezy is when I used to play poker a lot one night I was at this house game with a bunch of thug dudes I didn’t know in this really sketchy guy’s basement who we later realized was rigging the deck. Anyway, there was a little boombox by the table and he was playing albums and at some point he put on Thug Motivation 101. Throughout the entire record, every dude at the table, including me, the only white guy, were going right along with every word, so much so that it slowed the game down but no one really cared. Some of those dudes were slamming their hearts with their fists at certain lyrics, even ones that aren’t that direct. I remember this one guy singing the chorus to “Standing Ovation” drawn out longer than it was on the record, all emotional and heartfelt, at a fucking poker table, in front of eight dudes trying to take his money. All I can really remember ever doing to Gucci is either waiting in traffic to get home or getting fucked up on gin in a bar. Point: Jeezy.


* * *

Overall albums: Gucci’s mixtapes have more tracks I prefer to listen to over and over singularly, but he’s yet to really put together one album overall that just from beginning to end cuts your hair. Jeezy seems to be getting older faster, but you can put on his first album and it is an experience. If we’re talking singles, Gucci’s gonna take it, but albums have more staying power than single pieces if you ask me. Jeezy is definitely working harder on each album, even if they aren’t perfect throughout, to have a vision, an orb of air, instead of just being party freak. Point: Jeezy.

* * *

Crunk quotient: I feel happy when I listen to Gucci. I think I dance in my seat some even when I’m just sitting there. I feel more chill and easy, like I don’t have to think about problems or bullshit or getting on and can just be there in the seat with the bass aping, which is one of the main reasons I like thug rap. Jeezy is still fun a lot of the time too but he comes out so serious sometimes that I get emotional or angry in the bass than I do having fun, if still in an empty way. Both of these things have value, but ultimately I like feeling good. Point: Gucci.

* * *

Transcendence: I think for all the swagger and freakspit, there are also some beautiful lines that come out of these songs, even if you have to bend them the other way to make them fit. I still get chills when Jeezy goes, “Talkin’ so much white it’ll hurt your eyes” with the bass all dropped out behind him. He’s talking about drugs; I’m thinking about something else. At the same time, just about everything Gucci says can be fit into another kind of role, if you rub it the right way, getting retarded on the mic and spitting at whoever would say different. But if I had to pick one to put up for a movement to overthrow the game, it would be General Jeezy; Gucci could throw the afterparty. Point: Jeezy.

* * *

Winner: Man, I love both of these dudes for different reasons, and really they are so different, and time ahead will tell, but if I had to choose one to listen to from now on only, even if I’ve listened to the other a whole lot more so far, even though they are tied in points, I think I’d have to go with my boy Mr. Zone 6.

Winner: Gucci.

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  1. Andrew worthington


  2. Blake Butler

      i have not listened, but i can’t imagine i would like it based on what i know in association alone. i don’t like club bangers

  3. Timothy Willis Sanders

      50 Cent’s first record “Power of the Dollar” is some slurry, raw, New York shit. It’s like a lost Wu album.

      Think Clipse’s “Grindin” is a highlight of Southern dope-boy music. The beat is mostly bass and the sound of a trunk closing or something.

      I think Jeezy and Gucci would say “Reasonable Doubt” and “Blueprint” are classics.

  4. yizzurp

      someone who doesn’t know shit about rap takes a couple thousand words to decide that gucci mane – one of the most acclaimed rappers out – is better than young jeezy – someone who, in his prime two or three years ago, wasn’t even that great. just another day on html giant.

      you like ‘thug rap’ but don’t like ‘club bangers?’ clipse is ‘partyboy girl pop shit’? the ignorance is overwhelming. ‘literary white man’ analyzing rap music stopped being funny years ago. ‘crunk quotient?’ jesus christ dude.

  5. Ewrewr

  6. JakeLevineSpork

      down with the dirty. i’m like all shit, we need more literature with rap references. the only reason i got in the poetry game was goodie mob. eazy e and walt whitman are the only two characters in my chapbook because they are my main influences. das racist and three six mafia are definitely a part of if not close to the duende. jay z is like andy warhol, the infinite reproduction of how he keeps his slippers clean and has the hottest woman in the game. literature is all over rap, we need to stop this unrequited love. “this is panic attack rap, eating four flapjacks, trap raps, let em free, they always come back to me, the internet told me that’s called love / i’m on the internet because i’m an internet thug… kicking it with gary soto / all the cholos say mira el joto”

  7. jesusangelgarcia

      Kind of amazing how you parse this, Blake. Good read and some crackups, too. Hey, did you know Jim Morrison predicted rap in a 1969 interview? FWD to the end (9:15) of this clip to hear: I’m thinking he would vibe w/ your Jeezy/Gucci breakdown. Should I namedrop one of these guys in 3xbad? I could substitute for a C-Murder reference. Hmmm…

  8. mjm

      The Rap Police isn’t a myth. And how come you don’t consider Jay-Z or 50cent or The Clipse smart thug/drug rap? I guess you were focusing mainly on your city, but you made the reference now back it up. Sounds like I’m being abrasive homie but I’m really not.

  9. Blake Butler

      because jay z and 50 and clipse are lame partyboy girl pop shit

  10. Guest


      Want Gene to do this for Slim Thugg or UGK.

  11. letters journal

      Raekwon is smart drug rap.

  12. Ashley Ford

      I have to know Blake. How do you feel about Nicki Minaj?

  13. stephen

      sweet. nice job

      i like a lot of the “teenage girl songs” too, like “spotlight”. really enjoy rap & b

  14. stephen

      can m. kitchell do like a lil b vs. somebody post? i guess that wouldn’t be a contest tho… he loves lil b

      seems like a good time for hard-ass dumb-ass rap. you got waka too, and soulja has got some joints now too imho

  15. Andrew worthington


  16. Blake Butler

      i have not listened, but i can’t imagine i would like it based on what i know in association alone. i don’t like club bangers

  17. TWS

      50 Cent’s first record “Power of the Dollar” is some slurry, raw, New York shit. It’s like a lost Wu album.

      Think Clipse’s “Grindin” is a highlight of Southern dope-boy music. The beat is mostly bass and the sound of a trunk closing or something.

      I think Jeezy and Gucci would say “Reasonable Doubt” and “Blueprint” are classics.

  18. Hank

      “It might sound cheesy for suburban-lifed guys or girls white or black to get serious inspiration from stuff that’s as foreign to their daily life in physical manifestation as you can get, that being: killing, drugs, prostitutes, shitloads of cash…”

      Killing, drugs, prostitutes, shitloads of cash?

      Shit’s in the Bible, yo; shit’s everywhere. It’s like, it’s all stories and shit.

  19. lorian long

      i disagree re: clipse. they’d have to be overplayed in the first place to be partyboy shit, and they aint overplayed, even in the south. p4k gave ’em a bump, but i think still they go unrecognized as great mafioso coke rap. hell hath no fury is a sweaty album.

  20. lorian long

      i want raekwon to have my baby

  21. jereme_dean

      the attribute in gangster/thug rap I appreciate is artist authenticity. same with outlaw country.

      blake, i think you went a little bitch on the crunk quotient section. but i feel you.

  22. yizzurp

      someone who doesn’t know shit about rap takes a couple thousand words to decide that gucci mane – one of the most acclaimed rappers out – is better than young jeezy – someone who, in his prime two or three years ago, wasn’t even that great. just another day on html giant.

      you like ‘thug rap’ but don’t like ‘club bangers?’ clipse is ‘partyboy girl pop shit’? the ignorance is overwhelming. ‘literary white man’ analyzing rap music stopped being funny years ago. ‘crunk quotient?’ jesus christ dude.

  23. elizabeth ellen

      hater. you obviously don’t have a fourteen year old girl. nicki minaj is our only current female rap hope.

  24. stephen

      why u mad tho

  25. elizabeth ellen

      waka flocka flame, mofos.

  26. Homeboi

      Think the skinny jeans cuts off circulation to the brain.

  27. Homeboi

      Yes. This post is rather 2007. And he could’ve used less well-known rappers to illustrate his point.

  28. yizzurp

      maybe if he knew of any

  29. neek

      “I always wonder why rap albums can’t be used as law evidence, like dude is saying he sells a fuckload of cocaine, maybe you should go to his house.”

      I wonder about this ALL. THE. TIME. So, thanks, for being the only other person out there to think the same.

  30. Guest

      “i’m in the hall already, on the wall already / i’m a work of art, i’m a warhol already”

      yeah, man

      das racist is dope

      i’ve been biting their shit so hard

  31. Guest

      some1 link this on 2dopeboyz


  32. stephen

      You could have like not been how you are

  33. Matthew Simmons

      Lil B vs Tyler the Creator, Mike. Do it.

  34. goner

      It’s because the cops are too busy busting Willie Nelson’s party bus all the time.

  35. jereme_dean

      only because the fucking television tells you so.

  36. Matthew Simmons

      Pretty sure he had to use two rappers he liked to illustrate his point. Which he did.

  37. Guest

      i appreciate rappers who like “go hard” all the time and don’t have any “girl songs”

      like, that’s helpful

  38. chet

      uh, biting someone’s shit ain’t really a good look man

  39. JakeLevineSpork

      first of all i’d like to say jay z is not partyboy girl pop shit. he worked with rick rubin. rick rubin is a gangster. also, “i thug em fuck em love em leave em / take em out the hood, keep em looking good cuz i don’t fucking feed em” now that is some really sinister misogynistic shit. don’t hate the player, hate the game in which the player receives considerable economic and political power.

  40. stephen

      “And that was called recycling
      or re-reciting
      something cause you just like it
      so you say it just like it.
      Some say its biting
      but I say its enlightening”

  41. stephen

      what’s a Tyler the Creator?

  42. Matthew Simmons
  43. Weeatherhead

      you should work really hard and write a lot then publish a few books and manage a popular lit blog. then you can write about whatever you want to write about however you want to write about it.

  44. chet

      so it was weezy and so it shall be done

  45. deadgod

      renaissance thug rap:

      Puzel or Pussel, Dolphin or Dog-fish,
      Your hearts Ile stampe out with my Horses heeles,
      And make a Quagmire of your mingled braines.


  46. Andrew worthington

      50 cent is shit. hes funny but shit. my roommate always says hes way more clever/smart/whatever than i think but i think hes still shit. the youtube video of the grandma reading his tweets is kind of funny.
      jay-z is ok but kind of shit nowadays in terms of rap. hes more of a good pop artist now.
      ditto on the clipse. although i have a lot of sentimental value for the clipse bc when i got back intro rap after being closed-minded or whatever for a few years and they were the real thing or whatever to me when i got back into rap.

      theyre all pretty legit rappers, and wu tang is much better than any of these fools (although i dont think anyone mentioned wu, or at least i dont think anyone is debating that the wu is great).

      i just thought it was funny that blake butler called those three lame partyboy girl pop shit.

      of course, by using an obviously arbitrary generalization such as that term, he is falling into the same traps as that young 14 year old who thought rap wasnt serious.

      of course, maybe hes self-consious about that. i am trying to be when i call them shit and laugh or rather when he calls them shit and laughs.

      rick rubin may very well be a gangsta.

      these are very serious questions that we will need to sort out as a culture in the years to come.

  47. deadgod

      rock the major violence

      “fuck America” and “yeah America” at the same time

      Slick Karly Rove vs. Tricky Trigger Cheney

      Goldman Sachs vs. Halliburton

      Koch Industries vs. Wal-Mart Stores

  48. tao lin

      ‘ Jeezy is a frequent abuser of the rhyme-one-word-with-the-same-word-again style, like: “I commentate the game like John Madden / cuz I played in the game like John Madden.”’


  49. Waller

      What about Waka Flocka Flame? He’s silly and tough at the same time, just like ol’ Gucci.

  50. pizza
  51. Darconville

      Here’s Kanye and Pusha-T on FMF. I’d say Kanye’s funny but prewritten verse is maybe what you mean by “partyboy shit”, but I think Pusha’s verses are mean and weird, and I really like that he laughs at his jokes when he thinks of the punclines mid-line. I know he’s all over the new Kanye, but the dude’s got a history of being real bad, so forgive him. And, I think Clipse’s longtime manager just went to prison for coke dealing? Serious dudes.

  52. Rtdrw

  53. yizzurp

      why would i ever want to do that

  54. letters journal

      Her full-length is pretty good.

  55. 6strhftrugfjhg

  56. Weyrtuyjh2

  57. Xgbchbv

  58. Reyijytiuyb

  59. chris r

      briiiiiiick squuuaaaaad!

      gucci gets a lot of play on the rap stations down here in new orleans which is saying a lot since its mainly just cash money most of the time or old no limit stuff.

      as “hard” as gucci is, i like how he still raps about some retarded ass shit. dude seems to just have a good time rapping.

  60. Burrow Press

      “The only video I got out is off surveillance cameras.” ~F. Porter

  61. Guest

      [Lil Wayne]
      I grew up where them people call them people on us
      Think we slangin but we just got beepers on us
      Grinding all day like we got sleep insomnia
      Living like the videos write a treatment on us
      Stuck in the hood like they poured cement on us
      Ghetto bird still shitin on us
      Government still quitting on us
      Lost a few homies and the grief’s still sitting on us
      So we got they names written on us
      White folks still spitting on us
      And them bitch ass police k9’s teeth still gritting on us
      But we smoke ashes still getting on us
      Older bitches still hitting on us
      I remember well
      BZ rolled a L, BZ ain’t here
      Where’s BZ at? BZ got killed
      And that was my nigga
      I go way back with my nigga
      But I know that’s how it happened my nigga
      Shit is much deeper then this rapping, My nigga
      But know they all rappin, My niggas
      So now I must make it happen
      So I’m a play the captain
      Sail boat flapping
      My nigga
      No fingers I’m snapping
      Happy for my nigga lil Tagus
      Cause even though we couldnt
      The lord saved him
      Last time we seen him was when Katrina hated
      Shhh found his body like a month later
      Rest in peace boy
      He was a east boy
      And so was Wessy West
      He was a good nigga so I know he bless
      And his daughter is a princess
      This shit is harder than a bench press
      But let me keep going
      But I swear I got a lump in my throat
      But I’m a keep on pumping the flow
      So if I cry don’t stop the beat
      I feel like my heart just stopped the beat
      My nigga lil Derek was quick to cop a key
      Either that or load the gat and go pop a G
      And because of that
      He’s just a name in a rhyme of mine
      I pray his family in his momma’s fine
      So much shit, just sit on this mind to mine
      I think about it all the time
      I drink about it all the time
      I smoke back to back
      Cause if my thoughts got to me I’d be in this rap
      Or I’ll be in a can
      Thank god I had dreams of being a man
      And fuck a man with a badge
      Cause he ain’t shit to a man on the edge
      The 5-0 killed Naudy, the good boy dead
      Man you would’ve thought they killed cornbread
      Shot him up face down on the lawn
      Not to mention wit his handcuffs on
      Not to mention they had plain clothes on
      And the complaint goes on
      But nobody do nothing about it
      The jail house and the morgue is to fucking crowded
      And hate is at an all time high
      Everybody gotta hater like a fucking ipod
      Shit and they tried to burn my Phantom up
      But I got my gun licenses
      I got my hammers up
      I’m ready to shoot like a ca-me-ra
      Stay still motherfucker
      I’m a have to write my will this summer
      Cause if they don’t kill me
      I’m a kill this summer
      And you can put that on my late father
      Or my late grandmother, Miss Mercedes Carter
      Or my grandfather Larry Balsock
      The old man hustled till his heart stopped
      And I know that my real pops had money
      No bank account that brown paper bag money
      Yea he might hit me off with a little brag money
      But that nigga still wouldn’t be a dad for me
      But look how I turned out I hope he glad for me
      But that’s why when I see him I acts mad funny
      Cause he a joke to me
      Don’t message, don’t call
      Don’t talk to me
      It’s just me and my momma
      How it suppose to be
      And I make sure she paid like she wrote for me
      And I know she gets all hope from me
      And I don’t never wanna see her mope for me
      But Truthfully
      There is a day that’s due for me
      But we gone pray that it’s as far as the future sees
      You are listening to the future Weezy F. Baby. Amen

  62. Guest


      haven’t heard this one before

  63. Yjyjk

  64. Guest

      […] is probably Blake’s fault somehow. blog comments powered by Disqus […]

  66. M. Kitchell


  67. M. Kitchell

      dude i just saw this post ‘cos i was out of town, but that was kind of my first thought: like, DAMN i wanna do lil b vs of

  68. andrewworthington

      lost in the scare quotes, linked to this from a recent htmlgiant post so i looked at all the comments and this seemed funny but opaque, or something….

  69. andrewworthington

      re: tao comment re: this post ,,, or something

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  71. TH1

      If you would pick gucci or jeezy, your the dumbest dude on the planet 







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  88. 超アジュバンコスメ re エミサリー

      超アジュバンコスメ re エミサリー

      Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy | HTMLGIANT

  89. ホッケー yth ユース 130cm以下

      ホッケー yth ユース 130cm以下

      Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy | HTMLGIANT

  90. メイクアップ アヴァンセ

      メイクアップ アヴァンセ

      Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy | HTMLGIANT

  91. Celine(セリーヌ)


      Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy | HTMLGIANT

  92. nike air max 2013 dame

      nike air max 2013 dame

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  93. アウトドア 新しく

      アウトドア 新しく

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  94. アウター ボア

      アウター ボア

      Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy | HTMLGIANT

  95. hodge ホッジ ladys レデ

      hodge ホッジ ladys レデ

      Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy | HTMLGIANT

  96. taylormade テーラーメイド ウェア

      taylormade テーラーメイド ウェア

      Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy | HTMLGIANT

  97. アウトドア シングルバーナー

      アウトドア シングルバーナー

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  98. christian louboutin クリスチャンルブタン 雑誌でショルダーバッグス

      christian louboutin クリスチャンルブタン 雑誌でショルダーバッグス

      Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy | HTMLGIANT