March 6th, 2012 / 3:15 am


I let the body lay a little fatigued,
again over the desert slope,
So that ‘the pie `always stop was’ the most bass.

Dante (Trans. Google)

Was Joyce a bad translator. Or okay with a lumpy edge smoothed shorn under thumb.

Not much changes when you’re stuck on a star that sucks, just more bodies in the green.


  1. eric

      well said, friend.

  2. reynard

      in case you were profoundly confused re bad link, it is now pointing to a yale thing re joyce’s one and only translation gig

  3. deadgod

      1  For we know in part, and of perspective we part, together apart.

      2  But when unity and coherence arrive, well, hell, togetherness will still co-implicate being parts apart.

      3  When I was a kid, that was that:  but when I growed up, come on now, same shit, different bucket.

      4  For now we can hardly tell for sure, and later, our eyeballs are never going to get our minds all the way wherever a damn thing is; and I’ll always be one of them things.

      5  And now abide passion, commitment, and amity; but don’t tell me to follow rules you break.

  4. deadgod