October 27th, 2011 / 1:21 pm

Lyonnais “Dusted at Mount Sinai”

Gorgeous video debut of my favorite band in Atlanta, Lyonnais, on the occasion of the release of their debut album “Want for Wish for Nowhere” from Hoss Records. This has become one of my favorite records to write to. Highly recommended.



  1. Pontius J. LaBar

      Ah, finally. A man can only sustain himself on a single MP3 of Transitive Properties of Youth for so long.

  2. deadgod

      ozzie guillen

  3. michael

      they’d probably sell a lot more records if they called themselves lyonnaioli

  4. Ken Baumann

      Big honor, in the naming. This was beautiful.

  5. Scott Riley Irvine

      One of the best live shows you’re bound to see in Atlanta, for sure.