November 8th, 2011 / 1:25 pm

Now Available: David Lynch’s solo album Crazy Clown Time

Pitchfork says: “Unfortunately, none of these songs actually feel like songs. Only a few have choruses or any significant chord changes. Instead, they’re set pieces, which makes sense: Lynch’s films often seem to be more about luxuriating in his atmosphere than about following his plots, and that carries over to this music as well.”

Paste says: “What a mess…Crazy Clown Time, recorded in Lynch’s personal studio with engineer Big Dean Hurley, isn’t exactly fart-blank, but this visual master shouldn’t quit his day job.”

The Atlantic says: “Lynch dares to disturb, and that requires a bravery that cares not for our comfort, but for the integrity of the art itself.”

NPR says: “It sounds absurd, yes, and Crazy Clown Time … won’t be for everyone. But you can be sure that no two people will come away with the same experience of this record, and there aren’t many artists working today who can make that claim.”


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  1. M. Kitchell

      but Chris!  what do you say?

  2. Merzmensch

      I need coffee to listen to this music. Not because it’s such transcendentally meditational, but just because it’s damn good. And hot! I mean, the coffee.

  3. Matt Tyler

      I would love to hear what HTML thinks of this.  The first article I read here was a fantastic ode to Lynch – won my trust immediately.

  4. stephen

      Paste hates it, it must be pretty good then.

      i’ve liked what i’ve heard so far, including “strange and unproductive thinking.” 

  5. Christopher Higgs

      I say I have six days until I take my PhD qualifying exams and therefore can’t say anything except exam crap, but I needed a momentary diversion, so here’s that diversion, now back to my studying…also, probably I will love this album….and also after my tests I will write something with substance I promise, but probably not about this, probably something else.

  6. stephen

      i’m touched by the earnestness of “good day today.”

      i like the child-like quality of some of his vocals. 

      listening to the album i feel like lynch has a lot of relatively un-self-conscious creativity. 

  7. Jelloface

      …none of these songs feel like songs…haha pitchfork is irrelevant.

      Great album from a true artist.

  8. Ester

      Diane… I’m listening to this album right now and really enjoying it. I wish it were night.

      Thanks for informing that this existed, CH. I hadn’t heard. And Jelloface is right, Pitchfork is entirely irrelevant.

  9. reynard

      it is great

  10. reynard

      it is fine

  11. reynard

      it is terrible

  12. reynard

      my microwave thinks it wears pants

  13. reynard

      i ate at olive garden last night

  14. M. Kitchell

      just giving you shit bb ;)

  15. Frank Tas, the Raptor
  16. Matt Tyler

      it was kind of lame that they backtracked w/comments like that – but i remember the review being surprisingly (and correctly) blunt about listeners being either on or off the lynch bus before they hit play for the first time

  17. JW

      It’s so Lynchian!

  18. Pissfork


  19. Unsaved1 this flick and your view of Lynch will forever be … well, probably a lot different from what it is now. Or maybe not, if you like TM. But I thought he came across as smarmy, phony, and mean. Kind of like a lite version of the Hopper character in Blue Velvet.

  20. Glitch

      ever since I saw the videos of him and Donovan speaking at TM conferences I’ve somewhat soured towards them both.

  21. David Fishkind

      i like this album a lot