December 13th, 2011 / 6:11 pm

Top 50 Black Metal Albums of 2011

A lot of people—or, in truth, absolutely no people—have been asking me what my Top 50 Black Metal Albums of 2011 are.

So, here they are. I love all 50 equally, and do not have them numbered. If you can think of any that deserve honorable mention, anything I have forgotten, leave the name in the comments section and I will maybe tell you why I didn’t include them, or apologize because I should’ve included them.

Verg by Necrolocust
Vreg by Locustcorpse
Turgal by Trugla
Groluck by Stunefier
Pigsssss by Setfier
Shantycock by Lipskinner
Turble by Ronjeremee
Fishpunche by Fistpastey
Crubmel by Leukemian
Ankleblud by Romaniania
Watch the Throne by The Shins
Mappylichen by Mappylichen
Duselreem by Intorgotten
Fantasineenfeld by Ruinnnnnnnnnn
Clubb Bonger by Sprunter 1593
Antsssinomen by Zallmill
Kaotiminy by Vendiloam
Yandelmin by Richard Flaaaaaaa
Blolforepety by Nim Tunnel
Workhaus by Banjo Loopser
Till the Livers by Hortchatans
Rung Gaz by Caustica
Ache File by Chinoverba
Clotted Anousses by Mediafier
Peeeeeepper by Hoontaga
Minochian Sensibility by Murdur Gull
Stamped the Prebrun by Hait
Underluk Defiaica by Pooz
Aunt Nancy by Weeveel
Cancerota by David Byrne
Muzz by Toocadence
NO by Yzzz
Ctulunchtime by Gluss Tophy
Whitey Noise by SS Flug SS
Shambleagra by Tossing Hunk
Angopreficy by Kite Runner Omega
Pleted by Pleted
Unbrag by Wormomen
Xalfall by Xapping Brine
Timonastery Maidenlump by Tristmantocious
Kali Flower by Dunresponsist
Yearballs by Pitchfiend Riley
Ung by Ung
Flemishist Favoration by Flannery O’Goner
Untell by Lyez
weordo rocksinging by l.c.k.m.p.w.y.t.r.y.h.s.q.
Lasst Missiah by Mistikle
Im Lou Tine Vagra by Such Such Such Then
Hungratti by Noose Papyrus
Fun Time Resolution Fire by Massripper

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  1. M. Kitchell


  2. M. Kitchell

      also for +50 points i encourage you to put all these albums in a large folder and create a torrent so i can download them all at once

  3. M. Kitchell

      as apparently 2011 is the year i “stopped listening to black metal” or something b/c none of these i have heard

  4. Michael Robbins

      The David Byrne/Yzzz 7-inch split “Howerizer”/”NOOK” belongs on here somewhere, unless you’re only counting full-lengths.

  5. pesty c.

      worship satan

  6. Anonymous

  7. Ester

      Hail Satan tonight!

  8. Bobby Dixon

      You forgot Necro Kone by ChNNFFTTHv

  9. Matthew Simmons

      Yeah, I had some trouble deciding between that one and the Pitchfield Riley record—since Sver Rrvolsen is basically the one who does all the music and vocals for both. In the end, though, I thought Yearballs had a level of depth that Necro Kone lacked. It might’ve been the weird, interstitial drone pieces that shot Yearballs into the list instead of Necro Kone. Like, it worked as a whole album better.

  10. Matthew Simmons

      Albums only. I think I might put together a list of my favorite singles next, though, and that one would definitely be on the list. I loved Byrne’s take on a Yzzz song and Yzzz’s take on the Byrne song.

  11. Matthew Simmons

      Hail Fernwood 2 Night.

  12. Madison Langston

      omg yes plz do this for me too

  13. Madison Langston

      i feel like i’ve been stuck in a black hole of college/alabama because i have only heard some of these instead all of these

  14. davidpeak

      all this shit is mainstream

  15. Matthew Simmons

      You’re still mad about that essay the Gluss Tophy guy wrote about the transcendental nature of the “blast drone,” aren’t you?

  16. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      i love tossing hunk. and shambleagra keeps me diddled still. glad to see that one made it. 

  17. Ester

      When oh when will that illustrious show ever be released on DVD?

  18. Bobby Dixon

      . .

  19. karltaro

      It’s obvious you just picked black metal bands that your friends with

  20. alex crowley

      this looks exactly like the Aquarius Records email list every week except it’s missing the requisite Kyrgyz blackened folk-drone.

  21. marshall

      this is offensive to black metal fans

  22. deadgod


  23. Matthew Simmons

      Surprised more people aren’t commenting about how far they’ve gotten in Skyrim so far…

  24. davidpeak

      some of us are still working on dark souls…

  25. davidpeak

      fuck that guy that guy is such a nigel

  26. Bobby Dixon

      Black metal friends are the best friends. 

  27. Bobby Dixon

      I’ve chased a fox. That’s it. Shit was rad. 

      When he would get too far ahead of me, he would stop and wait for me to catch up. 

  28. Brooks Sterritt

      Sounds like mile-high salad tossings.

  29. Matthew Simmons
  30. Matthew Simmons

      Fair enough.

  31. Matthew Simmons

      This is my favorite part of The Little Prince.

  32. Lincoln Michel

      Flannery O’Goner

  33. Tummler

      What about Burzum’s “Fallen”? Such a great follow-up to last year’s comeback album.

  34. i am the black wizards

      wait, this is a joke, right?

  35. Anonymous

  36. Christopher Higgs

      In an attempt to validate the authenticity or fictitiousness of these albums I plugged some of the titles into google and when I plugged in “Pooz” I got an Urban Dictionary definition:

      Short for Lollapalooza, a popular music festival that takes place every summer in Chicago.

      “Are you going to the ‘pooz this year?”

      “Man, the Pooz has a lot of really great bands this year.”

      which made me laugh.

  37. Anonymous

  38. mimi

      that is a good-looking list  

      can i borrow it for my creative writing class?

  39. Judson

      i have to admit that i don’t know any of these bands but ‘ l.c.k.m.p.w.y.t.r.y.h.s.q. ‘ is now my new favorite band name.

  40. Matthew Simmons

      If anyone here is misses umlauts, I have a whole box of them at home. I can drop a few in the mail to you and you can scatter those fuckers wherever you want.

  41. Matthew Simmons





  42. Matthew Simmons

      The big question, though: Higgs, are YOU going to the ‘pooz this year?

  43. Matthew Simmons

      Anything to spread attention to these fine, fine records.

  44. Anonymous

  45. Anonymous

      I can’t listen to any Banjo Loopser now that Kazooie’s gone :(

  46. Anonymous

  47. Ken Baumann

      I want Sprunter 1593 to exist sooooo baaaddddddd (Ruinnnnnnnnn)

  48. B. Cox

      feel like some of this aren’t really “black metal” more “blackened deathmetal” but other than that, a pretty good list

  49. Matthew Simmons

      Fair point, really. There are also a couple of blackened funeral metal bands here (Lyez being maybe the biggest). I admit I have a fairly loose definition, and the “trve” are sure to take exception.

  50. Matthew Simmons

      God Jr.

  51. Tom S.

      I’ve never heard of any of this stuff nor have I seen any of this on anyone else’s list. Wtf.