Help Save Mud Luscious Press!!!

Posted by @ 11:13 pm on July 4th, 2012

Do you remember when Mud Luscious Press announced the chapbook Y2K by Ken Baumann? What about Rat Beast by Nick Antosca, or They by Brian Evenson?
Do you remember when they announced We Take Me Apart by Molly Gaudry?
Do you remember when they announced books by Ben Brooks, Sasha Fletcher, Norman Lock, Michael Stewart, Mathis Stewart, Gregory Sherl, or Matt Bell?
Do you remember when they birthed a NEPHEW? With titles by Andrew Borgstrom, Robert Kloss, Darby Larson and forthcoming Brandi Wells.


Now they need our help. It’s best summed up straight from the horse’s mouth: “We need to raise roughly $2000 to continue our release schedule of the next 2 novel(la)s and the next 2 Nephew titles. Seriously, or Mud Luscious Press may tank. For real.”

So how can you help?

[Basically, buy a book!]

via Ben Spivey (click his name for more options)