November 14th, 2011 / 1:53 pm


A year’s passed since the last issue of the Tyrant came out. That’s fucked up. This is unacceptable for a magazine that is supposed to be a bi-, or even tri-, quarterly, and my sole excuse is that I don’t have an excuse. I want to blame it all on Luke (co-editor, friend, part-time lover) in full, for moving to Texas, but I won’t, because I really can’t. Whatever took it so long (and come on, who noticed or really cares that much?), to try to make up for the time you’ve had to wait, I thought I would expose/humiliate/shame myself for you all to have a good cringe or laugh at. Hopefully maybe both. My idea for the cover was to have me in drag on it because I thought it would be really like, self-absorbed-seeming. I wanted to try to get ultra-vanity press on it, even though that doesn’t even mean that.

I’ve always thought drag queens were exceptionally brave people, but personally, I’ve never been “into” wearing women’s clothes or looking like a woman. However, I have done it twice in the past year so who knows what’s up with that. Drag is such an odd experience. For me, it was strangely intoxicating. While I was dressed up, and even for a couple of hours after, I felt like I’d been drugged, but in a good way. Probably best we don’t get into all that here though.

For the shoot, I asked my boyfriend to do me up in something sleazy, so he did. Ryan Field, my oldest friend (did Montessori together), took pictures of the whole thing. A few weeks after, I was looking at what the cover image was to be on my iPhone when I tapped it and it zoomed in like iPhones do when you tap them. I thought the zoomed pic looked more iconic or something and I liked that better than the full shot for the cover which, though also a good photo, just makes me look like, gay or something. Maybe I was wrong, but I feel like I’ve captured the essence of “trying too hard” pretty well. Will Baker (one of my interns) took all of the outtakes from the shoot and put them in a slideshow, accompanied by a song I used to hate but now, thanks to Dent May, just fucking LOVE. I’m kind of hesitant to post this weird thing. It feels wrong and embarrassing, but that’s what we’re supposed to be doing, right? Humiliating ourselves? Also, I really want to promote the new Tyrant because it fucking rules.  In this issue, to be released on November 20th, you will find these champions of putting it down:

Edmund White

J.A. Tyler

Daniel Long

Christopher Kennedy

Sabina Murray

Jason Schwartz

Susan Froderberg

Daniel Bailey


Erik Morsink

Evelyn Hampton

Eugenio Volpe

David Nutt

Greg Mulcahy

Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

Mitchell S. Jackson

Adam Wilson

Sean Kilpatrick

Daryl Scroggins

Ryan Shea

Chiara Barzini

Michael Bible

Scott McClanahan

Gary Sheppard

Karl Taro Greenfeld

Brian Kubarycz

and Ken Sparling

There’s so much good stuff in this one. Please trust me on this. You should be able to trust a guy who just showed you some deeply embarrassing shit, right? Order here.

N.B. I know that the m/f ration is fucked on this. I can’t help it.

N.M.B. My boyfriend, Chris March, made the red and black thing I’m wearing over my shoulders. It’s made out of human hair and was originally a skirt.

Giancarlo DiTrapano




  1. Mark C

      i’d buy a poster of one of those photos. maybe a couple.

  2. Scottmcclanahan

      Gianca is my kind of gal–classy and sophisticated.

  3. Roxane

      Yeah, I’d dig a few posters.

  4. Tim Jones-Yelvington


  5. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      coveting the red and black thing, obs.

  6. Hum

      enjoyed the video. you look stunning!

  7. Gian

      I am flattered. I was nervous about you in particular seeing this.

  8. JR

      “Whatever took it so long (and come on, who noticed or really cares that much?)”

      I bet more people than you’d guess. I certainly did- ecstatic there’s a new issue!

  9. Ned Kemeys

      I love this, especially the slideshow aspect.   FABULASH

  10. Adam Robinson

      ~2:01 — nice guns.

  11. Alban Fischer

      This is amazeballs.

  12. Alban Fischer

      Stellar roster aside, Jason Schwartz alone is worth the cover price. A German Picturesque is one of my all-time favorite books. Where has this guy been?

  13. elizabeth ellen

      damn, i wanna light your cigarette. also, fucking amazing lineup. tyrant swag!

  14. lorian long

      you’re beautiful

  15. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      the cigarette’s fantastic. GLAMOUR KILLS.

  16. mimi
  17. Lilzed

      lol gay or something

  18. ryan chang

      taro greenfield and scott mclanahan rule

  19. Meredith

      BeaUtiOUs! XoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxX

  20. Dawn.

      Fucking FABULOUS.

  21. Anthony

      Ordered! Love you, Gian. 

  22. Mark Doten

      my recollection is that *I* was the one you were showing it to when you did the accidental tap zoom, and it was *my* idea for you to go with the extreme close up. but  i was probably drunk. (i am drunk right now.)

  23. karltaro

      i mean this in all humility: why the fuck isn’t my name on the back cover?

  24. Ken Baumann

      This is fucking great. Gian: you’re purdy. I know you and Scott are all into each other’s Virginias, but just imagine me complementing you in a Texas way.

  25. shaun gannon

      welp this is the fucking shit

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  27. Cvan

      Congrats on getting Genesis P’Orridge for the cover. 

  28. Brian Kubarycz

      Eno, Gian, Gino.  Whatever.  You had me from ‘fucked up’.

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