November 3rd, 2010 / 3:45 pm


“We think we can do more, market books in a new way,” said Bryan “Birdman” Williams, the younger of the brothers, who is also a rap artist on their independent music label. “We want to put out five or six books a year.”



  1. Blake Butler

      best news of the year

  2. Roxane Gay

      I thought you might like this news.

  3. Richard Thomas

      BAM! Just like that.

  4. Blake Butler

      best news of the year

  5. Monch

      I think I understand why Weezy kissed him on the lips.

  6. Postman

      “Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue.”

  7. Daniel Bailey

      i can’t wait to see what they put out.

  8. Guest

      “The launch list, set to debut this Spring, includes Raw Law: An Urban Guide to Criminal Justice by lawyer Muhammad Ibn Bashir and Justify My Thug a novel by Wahida Clark.”

  9. mjm

      Oh yeah?

  10. chris r

      When I was in jail, this guy let me borrow some of his books until mine arrived and one of them was a book called “Death Around The Corner” by C Murder. It actually wasn’t all that bad. It was like a really long southern rap song that didn’t rhyme.

      (Edit: this was just supposed to be a comment, not a reply to mj. oops.)

  11. Ken Baumann


  12. Guest

      Seems like Wayne once claimed to have written a novel or be writing a novel. Am I dreaming?

  13. Guest

      seems like that’s def not true

  14. Guest

      Yeah can’t find shit. Googling Wayne is pretty pointless.

  15. letters journal

      I helped a teenage girl find Wahida Clark books today. Her boyfriend didn’t think it was funny when I showed them the NASCAR romances too.

  16. chris r

      I can’t believe, with how much he likes to talk about himself and his “talent”, that he hasn’t written an autobiography.

  17. Jackson Nieuwland

      cause he doesn’t write yo

  18. David B. Applegate
  19. Guest


      “i don’t write shit cuz i ain’t got time”

  20. Eric

      How can I submit query or synopsis for a book?