October 1st, 2012 / 7:36 pm

Depressed so reading Kenneth Patchen & Kierkegaard in the rain goddamnit.








  1. kjtuyy

      the kierkegaard quote reminds me of the wild fox koan + wu-men’s verse: “not falling, not darkening:/two colors, one game./not darkening, not falling:/one thousand mistakes, ten thousand mistakes”

  2. Kyle B. Bjorem

      Kierkegaard, despite all possible effort (on his part) to make quoting him out of the context of the entire “authorship” a lost endeavor, is quoted out of context to support some affect or another consistently. I’m not complaining or pointing a finger, I’m saying it’s a testament to the man himself that he so inhabited the different characters/psuedonyms so fully that even the things he did not believe were valid (the majority of what he wrote) were articulated more clearly and thoroughly than the real deal could articulate them. More complex and more convincing than Dostoevsky. He was finally talking about something other than what the quotes we all know are talking about, but the quotes we all know are better than the other ones that are similar and made in earnest. I use them in all kinds of places.

  3. Adam Ahmed

      You should read Adorno’s study of Kierkegaard. He reads Kierkegaard’s melancholia as a dialectical response to dead, bourgeois subjectivity he was trying redeem.