December 27th, 2010 / 11:52 am


I worked with Sean Kilpatrick to make Dethcicle. I hope it looks okay in your browser, and I hope you enjoy it. It probably looks like shit on your Windows computer at work, and I can’t wait for you to tell me.

Our first publication is a Blake Butler story titled RICKY’S SPINE.

I feel like the piece-of-shit week between our two most fucked holidays, when we’re pretending to answer important emails and pouring schnapps into drinks we shouldn’t be pouring schnapps into, is a good time to “edit some spreadsheets” and read online lit journals. Maybe suggest some good online publications/issues in the comment section? I like sharing.

Happy piece-of-shit week between holidays!

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  1. Scott mcclanahan

      This is great!

  2. gene

      gene, design looks fucking great. i dig the idea of a single piece of long-form. is it going to stay like this? kilpatrick, a motherfucker. oh, you guys.

  3. Gene Morgan

      Thanks, Gene.

      I think I’ll stick with the same format for a while. A scrolling site is a lot easier to build, and it allows me to keep things much cleaner and more straightforward. Menus are pretty unnecessary for these kinds of sites.

  4. Richard Thomas

      really dig that, nice job, very cool

  5. Daniel Bailey

      “Ricky had tried for years to record his own voice singing and yet everything he spoke to remained blank— though he swore he could hear himself in the backgrounded layers of the posthumous rapper’s shit-pop single bleeding nightly through the silence of our beef.”

      what a great sentence.

  6. AGVV

      this is fucking great.

  7. Adam Robinson

      This reminds me of when the internet was cool again.

  8. Roxane

      Great design, Gene. This week really is the worst.

  9. Ben Spivey

      fuck yes

  10. Amber

      I love everything about this.

  11. Ben Spivey

      fuck yes

  12. Dawn.

      Very nice design and concept.

  13. Guest

      Ooh… Gene: Awesome. I’ve got it bookmarked, already.

      I’ll catalog it on GLEP as soon as I have a slightly better idea of how to place and describe it. But for now: awesome start.

  14. Vvcghjh