February 27th, 2009 / 4:34 pm

Fabiana Semprebom: Think Borges’ lady was as hot as Canas’?

Writing is nothing more than a guided dream.

Borges said that. I would say that Fabiana is a dream. I go now to watch her boyfriend play tennis, or at least some of her other compatriots. Happy Boobs Friday, people.



  1. ryan

      holy smokes. you sure know how liven up a dead work day.

      oh, and i like borges, too…

  2. barry


  3. pr

      South American writers, South American models….right now, watching Almagro(from Spain) beat Vassallo Arguello(not sure, drinking, he might be Spanish as well)…both of those dudes? Their ladies are HOT. South America? Nowhere, are there more beautiful women, the most lovely women in the world are Spanish, or South American…Um, Borges?

  4. fabiana

      eu sou uma mulher magra sexual como muitas purai ok
      eu espiro que vc mim xanma eu tenho anos estou esperando pro vc