November 20th, 2010 / 3:54 pm

Faulkner on Christmas

“Nobody knows how I dread Christmas. Nobody knows. I am not one of those women who can stand things.”

The Sound and the Fury

They’ve put up all kinds of lights and wreathes in my neighborhood and the girl who made me a coffee this morning sulked under a Santa hat. ‘They made me wear it,’ she said. She is not one of those women who can stand things either.


  1. Michael Filippone

      Great! Can’t wait.

  2. Michael Filippone

      That’s a great quote.
      Are we doing secret santa this year?

  3. Ryan Call

      yes. we’ll set it up next week.

  4. Michael Filippone

      Great! Can’t wait.

  5. Sean

      A Christmas post now?

      I feel like you’re my neighbor putting out obnoxious snow globe whirly thangs with a plastic boy Santa inside waving through swirled snow. Wait, wait, I can hear the generator running it right now.

      He put it out last week. It is bright.

      Posts about turkeys. Like the National Book awards, etc.

  6. alan

      I’ve always felt they should do Christmas every four years, like the Olympics.

  7. Hank

      I am a fan of Christmas, though probably only because I am so poor that generally I am able to weasel my way out of being on the giving end and still be on the receiving end of Christmas. I love it.

      Also, young enough, too.

  8. Catherine Lacey

      Yes. That is me, Sean. Didn’t you know we’re neighbors?

      Xmas post inspired by despondent coffee-making girl & Faulkner. Felt justified, albeit a little gun-jumping. I dread Christmas for months and months. Basically all year, I am dreading Christmas.

  9. deadgod

      “‘What did I tell you?’ God said to old Doc Hines. ‘And now I’ve set My will to working and now I’m gone. There aint enough sin here to keep me busy because what do I care for the fornications of a slut, since that is a part of My purpose too’ and old Doc Hines said ‘How is the fornications of a slut a part of Your purpose too?’ and God said ‘You wait and see. Do you think it is just chanceso that I sent that young doctor to be the one that found My abomination laying wrapped in that blanket on that doorstop that Christmas night? Do you think it was just chanceso that the Madam should have been away that night and give them young sluts the chance and call to name him Christmas in sacrilege of My son? So I am gone now, because I have set My will a-working and I can leave you here to watch it.'”

      Light in August

  10. Jhon Baker

      Christmas shopping today and it was painful. I don’t hate Christmas but never look forward to it until a few days off when everything is done and my son is beaming. It doesn’t help that it’s my birthday and I’ve always felt cheated out of my day.