December 1st, 2010 / 10:32 pm

Forthcoming Nature

Danger poets Lily Ladewig and Anne Holmes have a chapbook forthcoming from Blue Hour Press called I Am A Natural Wonder. In anticipation, they’ve started a webpage inviting other poets to write their own natural wonders. So far there’s been poems by Julia Cohen & Jennifer Denrow, Jared White, Hattie & Leigh Stein, & David Bartone. Forthcoming poems from Nate Pritts, Elissa Gabbert, Mike Young & bunch more are on the way.

Meanwhile you can catch Lily & Anne this Friday at SUPERMACHINE reading series in NYC. Details here.


  1. Nate

      Looking forward to this danger poets chapbook.

  2. Nate

      Looking forward to this danger poets chapbook.

  3. Kyle Minor

      Is that a kangaroo? What a weird animal. Evolution is a scary thing.

  4. mimi

      You should watch the series ‘Nature of Australia’.
      I have checked it out from the downtown Berkeley Public Library any number of times, and I never tire of watching it.

  5. Owen Kaelin

      I wonder what happens to the poor kangaroo when its soul gets cut up at 25 frames a second?

      Let’s just hope Jean-Luc Godard doesn’t get a hold of the footage, eh?